Schoolwide Learning Expectations

In grades 3-5, students move from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” 

Multiplication and division facts are introduced and mastered and built upon, and students build a strong foundation in math.

In addition to core subjects, students expand their knowledge of the world through participation in Spanish, technology, library, PE, music, and art classes.

Highlights of the years include the annual Las Posadas and Literature Tea in grade 3, trip to Mission San Juan Capistrano in grade 4 and the Saint Living Wax Museum and Coffee Shop in grade 5. 

Students are invited to participate in choir, the drama program begins in grade 4 with students able to participate in the annual Christmas play. And through the Intergenerational Artwork program, our 5th grade students grow in virtue and service.

Student/Parent Portal:

The school uses Schoology to manage all classes. Both parents and students will have access to the program in order to keep up with what is going on in the classroom. Daily assignments, test/quiz dates, homework lists, classroom news, and student grades will be available through Schoology.

5th Grade iPads

Students will be issued an school­-owned iPad sometime at the end of September or early October. They will be able to take home the iPads daily for use, but must bring them back fully charged each day. Please make sure to get your child an iPad bag (with a shoulder strap), a stylus, and headphones (ear buds or over the ear) before they bring the iPad home. Optional iPad accessories include a keyboard and a mouse.

3rd Grade Field Trips/Class Activities: Literature Tea, Aquarium of the Pacific, May Crowning, Las Posadas,  Gene Autry National Museum and the Carrillo State Beach Tide Pools

4th Grade Field Trips/Class Activities: San Juan Capistrano Mission Trip and project, Walk through California, Port of Los Angeles and Christmas Play

5th Grade Field Trips/Class Activities: Griffith Park Observatory, Arlington Gardens, Walk through the Revolution, Coffee Shop and Rileys Farm