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Our Learning Principles

The Learning Principles below describe our beliefs about teaching and learning.  They were written collaboratively by our faculty and staff to guide our conversations, efforts, and growth.

HFS Principles of Learning

Learning is enhanced when . . .

  • The school community works together to support the spiritual, developmental, academic, social, emotional, physical, safety, and basic needs of all learners.
  • The school community promotes a sense of belonging, social-emotional growth, positive relationships and encourages students to take risks, make mistakes, and ask questions.
  • The school community understands learning goals, engages with the material through different modalities and interdisciplinary connections, utilizes various assessment tools, and has multiple opportunities to demonstrate knowledge and reflect upon the process.
  • The school community is inclusive and provides opportunities to share, respect, and celebrate students’ racial, cultural, and social identities. 
  • The school community embodies a growth mindset and provides meaningful, engaging, and fun learning experiences. 
  • The students have a voice and ownership in their education, demonstrate resilience, and persevere through challenges.