Middle School

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Mrs. Tracey Merritt, Ms. Rachel Miller, Coach Buzz Cook, Mrs. Francesca Smiland, Maestra Liz Aceves and Mr. Chris Bengford

Middle School consists of grades 6-8 at Holy Family school.  Middle School students experience a departmentalized schedule where they move from one classroom to another for different subjects — thus experiencing a variety of teachers, each specializing in his/her given subject. The curriculum is demanding and developmentally appropriate. Holy Family’s middle school curriculum continues to place special emphasis on personal responsibility for their own academic performance and help them build the vital organizational skills, study skills and independence they will need for high school.

Students continue to grow academically as well as spiritually and socially during the middle school years. They grow spiritually through participation in liturgy, religion class and a variety of philanthropic parish service projects. Outdoor educational week-long camps  (i.e. Science Camp and Catalina Island Marine Institute) and field trips help bring science to life for our middle school students. In addition, they’re able to further develop their social skills and bond together as a class through these engaging experiences.

Our Curriculum, including Friday electives, is designed to educate the whole child while providing a solid foundation for higher Catholic education.95% of our Eighth Grade graduates attend their first choice of school, including the top-ranked Catholic and College Preparatory high schools in the area. Our college age Holy Family alumni are currently attending Dartmouth, Yale, Harvard, Santa Clara, USC, UCLA, Stanford, TCU, MIT, Vanderbilt, St. Michael’s College-University of Toronto and SMU, among other distinguished colleges and universities nationally and internationally.

For those Students and Parents in our 6th, 7th & 8th grades, who are starting to look at prospective high schools, many are starting their Shadow Days, Open House and Admissions process in OCTOBER! Click here for our HIGH SCHOOL LINKS page

Middle School iPads

Students will be issued an school­-owned iPad sometime at the end of September or early October. They will be able to take home the iPads daily for use, but must bring them back fully charged each day. Please make sure to get your child an iPad bag (with a shoulder strap), a stylus, and headphones (ear buds or over the ear) before they bring the iPad home. Optional iPad accessories include a keyboard and a mouse.

Student/Parent Portal:

The school uses Schoology to manage all classes. Both parents and students will have access to the program in order to keep up with what is going on in the classroom. Daily assignments, test/quiz dates, homework lists, classroom news, and student grades will be available through Schoology.

6th Grade Field Trips/Class Activities: Skirball Museum, Senior Christmas Luncheon, Spring Musical, Science Camp, Hindu Temple and Walk thru Ancient History

7th Grade Field Trips/Class Activities: 8th Grade Luncheon(hosts), Museum of Latin American Art, Giving Bank and Spring Musical

8th Grade Field Trips/Class Activities: 8th Grade Luncheon, CIMI, Spring Musical, Ministry to Shut-Ins, Living Stations of the Cross, LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes, Marching On Dinner, Disneyland, and Graduation.