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The Holy Family Drama Program


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The theater is about fellowship, fun, dance and song — and wild and wonderful characters in magical stories! For over a decade, Holy Family Drama has brought together all of these elements with each play and musical production we stage.

Our goals are to foster and nurture the development of the whole child, and to enhance the learning experience of all the students involved. We also strive to provide a meaningful experience for the students and families who help produce and organize the production — including our student technical crew — as well as those who watch from the audience.

The drama program at Holy Family School has doubled in size over the last 10 years, and it continues to grow and develop the creative minds of the actors, crew members and audience. Each production gives our students opportunities to discover new talents, hone their performing skills, and build confidence. Each year in the fall our 4th and 5th graders take the stage to create the magical world of 16th Century England, or Charlie Brown, or New York City in 1897 where a little 8-year-old girl named Virginia asks the editor of the Sun Times’ “Is there a Santa Claus?”

The Spring is dedicated to a full-length musical with the 6th – 8th grade inhabiting fantastic characters. Most recently, they brought the adventures of P.L. Travers to life – Mary Poppins! The creative journey of our students always produces those “ah-ha” moments. Students in our Drama program learn to work as a team, improve their confidence, and truly get to experience their creative side.  These are qualities they take with them when they graduate.

Previous “Yes Virginia” shows at HFS

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