A student may not remember what you teach them,
but they will always remember how you make them feel.

A distinctive program, truly unique to Holy Family School among our local schools, is the GAINS (Getting Ahead In School) program. Students in every grade who learn differently than their peers are able to receive one-on-one instruction (small group instruction in the middle school) with a trained GAINS tutor twice a week, providing the children with specialized reading and spelling skills that directly lead to greater success in the classroom. The tutors use The Barton Reading & Spelling System which is an Orton-Gillingham influenced approach to reading and spelling. The latest scientific reading research supports the Orton-Gillingham methodology as “best practices” when teaching reading to these learners. In Middle School, we have expanded the program with GAINS Math. Students receive 2 days a week of an extra math class taught in a small group setting.


In striving for academic excellence, Holy Family School takes the individual needs of all of our students into account.  Through the GAINS Program we are better able to reach our students who learn differently and provide them with skills which allow them to be more successful in the regular classroom setting.


  • To give support to students, teachers and parents
  • To identify and provide early intervention to students who lack proficient reading, writing and spelling skills (Barton Reading and Spelling Program)
  • Give 1-1 instruction a minimum of 2 times per week (Reading, Gr.1-8) and small group instruction 2 times a week (Math, Gr. 6-8)
  • Identify minor adjustments for student success in the classroom
  • Educate and support parents in ways to help their child be more successful
  • Triannual reading assessment in grades K-3 to assure every student is on target to meet grade level benchmark goals

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Mrs. Jeanine Cochran is beginning her 24th year at Holy Family and her 30th year of teaching. She previously taught 3rd. grade and Kindergarten in public school. In 1986 she came to HFS and began the Kindergarten program where she remained for 18 wonderful years. She really enjoyed welcoming the children to Holy Family and loved nurturing their inquisitive minds and watching them grow. In 2004 Mrs. Cochran became director of the GAINS Program. She finds it very rewarding to help students become more confident in their abilities and successful in their school work. Mrs. Cochran is married and has 3 grown sons.

In addition to some dedicated volunteer tutors, Mrs. Cochran is assisted part time by Mrs. Roxanne Basso.  She has taught 16 years in the public school system and has taught at Holy Family for the past 5 years.  She is married and has 4 children who are currently students at Holy Family.