Tuition and Fee Rates  2019 – 2020 

(All charges are billed and collected through Smart Tuition)

  • Registration Fee (per family) $350 billed in March
  • Student Book and Supply Fee (per student) $450 billed in June
  • Smart Tuition Admin Fee $ 48 billed in July

K-8 Payment Annually

# of Child(ren) Monthly Payment Annually
1 $750 $7,500
2 $1,500 $15,000
3 $2,250 $22,500
4 $3,000 $30,000

HFS Family Obligations Summary

Please refer to the HFS Parent Commitment Agreement for full details

  • Pay Tuition and Fees as required through Smart Tuition
  • $48 annual administration fee charged by Smart in July
  • $40 late charge; $30 returned payment fee
  • Service Hours:  40 (20 for single parents “SP”) by April 30, 2020
  • 25 (12.5 for “SP”) MUST be directly related to school activities 
  • Hours not served ($25/ hour) (under extraordinary circumstances only; no buyout option)
  • Parent Guild Fundraising/Scrip Contribution 
    • $550 (combined Scrip and Jog a Thon) by March 15, 2020
    • $700 Buyout by September 30, 2019 (May be split into up to three (3) consecutive payments via Smart Tuition beginning no later than your November invoice)
    • $700 Buyout is charged to your April Smart billing if there is no fundraising in Scrip or Jog a thon.
  • Parish Involvement: Attend Mass regularly, use donation envelopes regularly (minimum of $10.00 per week to the church collection) and participate and support Parish activities. The Parish will send quarterly reports. Families who fall below this may be subject to non-parishioner tuition rates. 
  • Mandatory Meeting Attendance, including:

– Kindergarten Orientation – Parent(s) Teacher Conference(s)
– Back to School/Grade Level Articulation Night – Technology Meetings

– Parent Guild General Meetings (2)

  • Safeguard the Children compliance is required, as detailed in the Parent Commitment Agreement.

Participation Fees 

  • Dance or Cheer Team TBD
  • Drama/Play TBD 

After School Program – “Time Well Spent”

  • Annual Family Registration $50.00 annually per family
  • Full time $60.00 week
  • Drop in daily rate $17.00 daily
  • Noon Dismissal drop in $22.00 daily
  • Late fee (after 6pm) $5.00 plus $1.00/min thereafter

All charges are billed and collected through Smart Tuition

  • Annual Tuition – $750 per year per child.
  • Registration Fee – $350 (per family) billed in March
  • Student Book and Supply Fee (per student) — $450 (with yearbook) billed in June
  • Smart Tuition Admin Fee (per family)  $48 billed in July
  • Tuition is paid in 10 equal installments (August-May) through Smart Tuition. 

School Uniforms

  • CKW School Uniforms, Inc. provides our uniforms for purchase and prices vary – please consult the CKW website for prices
  • Holy Family Trading Post is an on-campus, parent-run provider of gently used, free uniforms – request specific items as needed

Financial Aid

Tuition assistance is available. Families must apply through the school during the spring (forms can be picked up in the office). Tuition assistance awards are granted mid-summer. Emergency tuition assistance is also available during the year. Please see the principal for further details.