Holy Family School is enthusiastic about being a parish school that has Christ at its center. We are a community of families who recognize that we want an experience for our children which goes beyond strong academics. We want an atmosphere where our children learn to be strong, loving, and contributing members to our communities and the world.

All of our programs at Holy Family School have the whole child in mind. We believe in the goodness of each and every child, and we recognize that children have particular needs in different areas. We provide assistance to children who are struggling academically, and we challenge students to meet their true potential by offering a variety of other programs.

Our graduates are accepted into the top-ranked Catholic high schools in the area as well as other private and public schools. As you read our School Learning Expectations, you know that it is our goal to have each of our 8th graders exhibit these as they leave us and enter the challenging world of high school.

Thank you for your interest in Holy Family School. Feel free to email our principal Dr. Frank Montejano or call him directly at (626) 403-6159 for more information.