Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLE’s)

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Our Students are . . .

Spiritually Active Catholics Who . . .
  • Exemplify Christ by practicing Christian virtues
  • Act as witnesses of their faith through participation in the Eucharist, prayer, worship, and ministry
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the foundation of their faith and Church teachings
  • Make moral choices based on their Catholic faith and accept responsibility for those choices
Life Long Learners Who . . .
  • Possess a love of knowledge and learning
  • Demonstrate a strong foundation in the basic knowledge and skills of all academic areas
  • Demonstrate the ability to gain content knowledge through research, reasoning and questioning
  • Set reasonable goals and effectively work to accomplish them
  • Gain self-awareness and discipline through the study and practice of the arts
Effective Communicators Who . . .
  • Read, write, speak, and listen actively
  • Recognize, understand and use non-verbal communication
  • Use technology to communicate, learn and interact globally
Active Problem Solvers Who . . .
  • Gather and analyze information, consider alternatives and make educated decisions
  • Observe, experiment, discover and work independently and collaboratively to create solutions
  • Use organizational, study, and time-management skills and adapt to an ever-changing environment
Well-Balanced Individuals Who . . .
  • Possess self-respect, self-confidence and self-discipline
  • Participate in the community with a sense of civic responsibility and global citizenship
  • Maintain respectful relationships with their peers and adults
  • Understand, appreciate and respect diversity
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and perform to the best of their abilities



  • 5 family size boxes of Kleenex (Students A-L)
  • 5 Rolls of paper towels (students M-Z)
  • iPad stylus (optional by encouraged)
  • 1 packages of loose leaf binder paper
  • 1 package of graph paper (in math binder)
  • 4 red pens (not erasable)
  • 20 Mechanical Pencils
  • 4 white out tapes
  • Pencil bag
  • 1 package of 8-12 colored markers (A-L)
  • 1 package of 8-12 colored pencils (M-Z)
  • 2 glue sticks
  • 1 ream of soft white copy paper
  • 1 calculator: TI-83+ or TI84 for 8th grade Math only (Please don’t have siblings share.)
  • 5 Sturdy book covers to cover large books
  • 2- 1 to 1 ½ inch 3 ring binders
    • Black for Math (optional for handwritten notes)
    • ANY COLOR for Religion Portfolio. Plastic cover to insert; use colorful sheet.
  • 2 sturdy vinyl bottom pocket folders
    • GREEN for Social Studies
    • BLUE for Language Arts
  • 1 RED single subject spiral notebook for Religion


  • 1 1/2 ” or 2 ” 3 ring binder WHITE with clear overlay on front
  • 5 dividers
  • 1 subject 70 sheet college ruled notebook


  • 1” three ring binder
  • Pencil bag with zipper and
  • holes for 3 ring binder
  • 3 sharpened pencils with eraser
  • *Note-No need to buy new binder, if your 2018 – 2019 binder is in good condition.

Francesca Smiland

Francesca Smiland (C’99) – I have a passion for teaching mathematics at Holy Family School!  I have been a part of the Holy Family Community most of my life, as a parishioner, a student, a teachers assistant and as a teacher.  As a member of the class of 1999, I would not have predicted my career would lead me to my mission teaching at Holy Family School but I am delighted that it did!  I began working at Holy Family in 2005 and spent the next 13 years there in the Middle School Math program. I had found my passion. I completed my B.A. in Liberal Studies followed by a Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics from Cal State Los Angeles.

In 2018, I spent a year out of the classroom working for Promethean World, training teachers on Interactive Flat Panel technology in the classroom.  I found myself missing the faith community and my students and have joyfully decided to return to the math classroom and to my passion in 2019!