The Universe of Social Media is vast and constantly evolving. We as a school community are always striving to keep up and maintain an exceptional level of safety for our students and faculty when images are used on the platform of Public Relations. However, we require your assistance in order to maintain this, exceptional level.

This communication is intended as a reminder/update on the use of social media for members of our school community. When those special school/ extracurricular activity moments arrive in our lives, and we wish to share them on a Social Media Platform (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc), many of you have your own privacy safeguards in place and we are grateful. We also ask that families keep in mind our Safeguard the Children requirements as they pertain to social media.

Please Note the Following:


• One parent/legal guardian per child is required to fill out the Image/Voice/Work/Name Release Form. This is to be done annually.

• If at anytime you wish to change your authorization, please email the HFS Communications Dept. and it will be taken care of immediately.


• Please inquire with the parents and teacher(s) or with the HFS Communications department if you are unsure.

  • When posting pictures on your personal sites, please do not tag any child by full name.
  • The images, work, voice or name of a child can not be used for Self Promotion (commercial, business, government office, blogging) unless written permission has been submitted to the HFSCommunications Dept. by the legal parent or guardian.
  • 3rd Party Vendors must have a contract with Holy Family School per event in order to sell anystudents Image/Voice/Work/Name.
  • Photos that are uploaded to the password protected Shutterfly sites can be used for PublicRelations of the School or Church unless authorization has not been granted.


• If you are a chaperone to an “off-campus” event/activity during school hours, you MUST hold off on posting any pictures until you return to school.

• If you are attending an event on/off campus during school hours, please hold off on personal social media posting of photos or information until the event has concluded and/or the students have returned to school.

If authorization is not grated for the Image/Voice/Work/Name of your child(ren), a digital image (school picture) of your child(ren) with their name and grade is created and distributed to the School Administration and teachers. It is also monitored by the HFS Communications Department to make sure that your family’s privacy is respected and maintained on the Social Media/Public Relations Platform.

We request that you advise your fellow class parents and teacher(s) to insure that your family’s privacy is respected and maintained.

Parents that have not authorized their child(ren’s) Image/Voice/Work/Name MUST advise any School Activity / Extracurricular Activity leader where your child(ren) are involved (i.e., drama, music, athletics, scouting) to insure that your family’s privacy is respected and maintained.

Additional information on our Safeguard the Children program and its requirements can be found on our School Web Page under Safeguard the Children.

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!


Michele Marie Rodriguez (C’85, P’17, P’26) Social & Brand Communications Director 

Anne Regan-Smith Interim Principal