Weekly Update

Upcoming Events:

  • April 26th – Kindergarten New parent dinner; HL is baked ziti
  • April 27th – 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade – Forensic Science Class begins (Thursdays 4/27-6/1)
  • April 28th – Service Hours deadline
  • April 30th – Last day for Scrip purchase; Last day for Summer School registration
  • May 2nd – Meet the Masters; Walk thru the West & American Revolution
  • May 3rd – 2pm Dismissal; HL is chicken and beef tacos
  • May 4th – 6th Grade Field Trip
  • May 5th – May Crowning; Noon Dismissal
  • May 9th – 3rd Grade Fieldtrip; Walk thru the Ancient World
  • May 10th – HL is In & out Truck
  • May 12th – Agape Luncheon
  • May 13th – First Communion
  • May 14th – Mother’s Day
  • May 14th-21st – School spirit week
  • May 17th – 2pm Dismissal; HL is chicken and beef tacos
  • May 18th – Teacher appreciation day; Noon Dismissal; No TWS
  • May 19th – No School
  • May 20th – HFS Auction
  • May 24th – HL is chicken strips
  • May 29th – No School – Memorial Day

Note from the School Communications Committee:
This page is updated by Parent Guild volunteers who comprise the School Communications Committee. Please submit information pertinent to the school and parish to Marie Lopez.  As part of Holy Family Church, Holy Family School may publish events  in Sunday’s Church Bulletin, using the Holy Family Special Events & Event Marketing Guidelines.