Lunch Service at HFS

HFS offers a couple of lunch options for our students K-8.

  • Hot Lunch
    • Offered on Wednesday
    • Various local restaurants in the area service our Hot Lunch Wednesday’s
    • Please turn in your form to the HFS office and you will be billed via Smart Tuition
    • Click here for 2018-2019 HFS hot lunch form
  • Volunteer for Hot Lunch: What a fun way to see and serve all the children in the school! Each Wednesday from 11:15 am -1:15 pm, there is an opportunity to serve the students Hot Lunch. Please sign up!
  • YUMCLUB is our NEW Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri Lunch Service and it’s NOW Open for you to log on and order for the 2018-2019 school year!

    • Offered Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri
    • YumClub is delighted that your school is participating in our exciting lunch program, one that provides students with countless food choices from our restaurant partners they know and trust. Providing the highest quality, prepared fresh daily, and most delicious food has always been our number one priority. We care about the quality of food your child eats at school.Throughout the year, we consistently add specials, new menu items, and new restaurants; so keep checking back. With our online ordering platform, selecting your child’s school meals has never been easier. Our user-friendly interface has been built with Parents and Students in mind, providing convenience and flexibility for busy families that have been looking for an easy way to ensure hot and cold lunch options at an affordable price.YumClub’s menu options are affordable and vast. Our offerings include Italian, American, Chinese, Mexican and many more cuisines along with special menu items for vegetarians, gluten-free and vegans in mind. At YumClub, we help communities support each other, by contracting only with local restaurants within a 2-5 mile radius of each school. We believe in helping each other and building strong relationships within the community.Together, we are bringing back delicious school meals that kids love and trust.
  • Go To: – (please bookmark this page)
  • Click on Create an Account: School Password is: HF38
  • Enter information and click Submit
  • Enter information for your students, Add Profile. Repeat for any additional students
  • Click I’m Done and Sign In

Additional Info can be found on the YUMCLUB web page once you’ve registered. For Customer Service questions please email or call 1.800.559.5695.
We’re here to help and remedy the situation as quickly as possible. If you’re not happy, we aren’t either!