Faculty and Staff of Holy Family Catholic School

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Parish Life Director Cambria Tortorelli
Tel: 626.403.6110 Email: ctortorelli@holyfamily.org
Principal  Darcie Girmus
Tel: 626.799.4354 Email: dgirmus@holyfamily.org
Vice Principal / Interim Principal Anne Regan-Smith
Tel: 626.799.4354 Email: aregansmith@holyfamily.org
Administrative Assistant Marie Lopez
Tel: 626.403.6161 Email: mlopez@holyfamily.org
Bookkeeper Lalaine Santos
Tel: 626.403.6187 Email: lsantos@holyfamily.org
School Nurse Jacqueline Ficht
Tel: 626.403.6160 Email: jficht@holyfamily.org
Director of School Advancement  Shannon Porter (P’25, P’27)
Tel: 626.403.6130 Email: sporter@holyfamily.org
Director of Brand and Social Communications  Michele Rodriguez (C’85, P’17, P’26)
Tel: 626.818.9696 Email: mrodriguez@holyfamily.org
Kindergarten Teacher – Saints Heidi Sicka
Tel: 626-403-6171 Email: hsicka@holyfamily.org
Kindergarten Teacher – Angels Brenda Ascencio
Tel: 626-403-6164 Email: bascencio@holyfamily.org
Kindergarten Aide Vira Martinez
Email: vmartinez@holyfamily.org
Kindergarten Aide Maria Adriano (C’83, P’15, P’17)
Email: madriano@holyfamily.org
1st grade Teacher Carrie Levin
Tel: 626.403.6189 Email: clevin@holyfamily.org
1st Grade Aide Sausan Jarjour (P’11, P’13)
Email: sjarjour@holyfamily.org 
2nd Grade Teacher Jennifer O’Neil
Tel: 626.403.6165 Email: joneil@holyfamily.org
2nd Grade Aide Lynne Chavez
Email: lchavez@holyfamily.org
3rd Grade Teacher Sue Arnold
Tel: 626.403.6166 Email: sarnold@holyfamily.org
3rd Grade Aide Dorelli Gordceca
Email: dgordcea@holyfamily.org 
4th Grade Teacher Nicole Smiland
Tel: 626.403.6167 Email: nsmiland@holyfamily.org
4th Grade Aide  Amanda Orozco
Email: aorozco@holyfamily.org
5th Grade Teacher Aubrey Moeller
Tel: 626.403.6168 Email: amoeller@holyfamily.org
5th Grade Aide TBD
6th Grade Homeroom & Social Studies Teacher Tracy Merritt
7th & 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Tel: 626.403.6169 Email: tmerritt@holyfamily.org
Language Arts Aide Rachel Miller
Email: rmiller@holyfamily.org 
6th Grade Language Arts Teacher Natalie Daily
7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Tel: 626.403.6188 Email: ndaily@holyfamily.org
Music Aide Vira Martinez
Email: vmartinez@holyfamily.org
Athletic Director Robert “Buzz” Cook, MS, CAA,CIC
Physical Education Teacher
6th Grade Science Teacher
Tel: 626.403.6178 Email: bcook@holyfamily.org
7th Grade Homeroom Teacher Francesca Smiland (C’99)
6th, 7th & 8th Grade Math Teacher Email: fsmiland@holyfamily.org
8th Grade Science Teacher
7th & 8th Grade Aide TBD
8th Grade Homeroom & Social Studies Teacher Chris Bengford (C’82)
7th Grade Science Teacher
6th, 7th & 8th Grade Religion Teacher
Tel: 626.403.6176 Email: cbengford@holyfamily.org
6th, 7th & 8th Grade Spanish Teacher Maestra Liz Aceves (P’19, P’22)
Tel: 626.403.6188 Email: laceves@holyfamily.org
Kindergarten – 5th Grade Spanish Teacher TBD
Spanish Aide TBD
Music Director Andrew Reed
Tel: 626.403.6175 Email: areed@holyfamily.org
Technology & Art Teacher Erin Arnold(C’86)
Tel: 626.403.6172 Email: earnold@holyfamily.org
Technology Marina De La Rosa
Email: mdelarosa@holyfamily.org
Art Aide TBD
Technology Support TBD
Tel: 626.403.6194
Director of GAINS Program Dianne Ciulla (P’11, P’12, P’16)
Tel: 626.403.6162 Email: dciulla@holyfamily.org
GAINS Teacher Sheila Laco (P’08, P1’11)
Email: slaco@holyfamily.org
Time Well Spent Director Ericka Giordano (C’95, P’18)
Tel: 626.403.6174 & Tel: 626.403.6177 Email: egiordano@holyfamily.org
School Counselor TBD
Tel: 626.403.6162