HFS Parents are required to actively support all Parent Guild School Fundraising activities.  


  • The required combined fundraising/scrip commitment per family for the 2017-2018 school year is a minimum of $550. 
    • This commitment can be met via support of Scrip or the Jog-a-thon fundraiser or a combination of both.  All families who participate in scrip are required to register and create a ShopWithScrip with a linked PrestoPay account.
  • The Fundraising Commitment is due by March 15th of each academic year. Any remaining balance due will be added to your April Smart Tuition billing.  
  • Please Note: In lieu of participating in the fundraising/scrip programs, families may opt to “buy out” of their commitment by making a payment of $700 (payable to Holy Family School) at the start of the academic year on or before September 30.  If you are interested, please email if you are interested.