HFS Parents are required to actively support all Parent Guild School Fundraising activities.  

The required combined Fundraising/Scrip Commitment per family for each academic year is a minimum of $550 and is due by March 15th of each academic year.  

  • This commitment can be met via support of Scrip, the Jog-a-thon or a combination of both.  All families who participate in Scrip are required to register and create a ShopWithScrip account with a linked PrestoPay account
  • On March 15th, your Jog-A-Thon fundraising (including any Stride &/or Parisi participation), along with any Scrip earnings, will be combined together as one lump sum. Any fundraising balance falling short of the $550 Annual Minimum Fundraising Commitment will be added to your April Smart tuition billing
  • Any family not meeting the $550 Annual Minimum Fundraising Commitment by the March 15th deadline will be notified via email shortly after that date.
  • Please note that if by March 15th you have not participated in either Scrip or any of the Jog-a-thon fundraising/events, you will be billed the $700 buy-out amount on your April Smart tuition billing as noted in the Parent Commitment Agreement in the Gradelink On-Line School Registration.
  • BUYOUT OPTION: In lieu of participating in the Fundraising/Scrip programs, families may opt to “buy out” of their commitment by making a payment of $700 (payable to Holy Family School) at the start of the academic year on or before September 30.  If you are interested, please email fundraising@hfsparentguild.org At your request, the buyout amount can be added to your Smart Tuition billing and may also be split over up to 3 months.

 If you have any questions regarding Fundraising, please contact fundraising@hfsparentguild.org.

What’s your current Scrip Earnings? 

To determine your Scrip Earnings to date, log into your ShopWithScrip account and go to Dashboard, then Family Functions (on the left side of screen) and then Order History.