Lalaine Santos – Strengthened, independent, reliable, sensible, responsible and calm, Lalaine was born and raised in the Philippines as a devout Catholic. She attended Immaculate Conception Academy, an exclusive school for girls from Kindergarten to High School.  Further studied in University of Santo Tomas in college where she received her Bachelors’ Degree in Commerce, Major in Accounting.  She was a working student while in high school doing bookkeeping jobs in their family owned business and eventually became the accountant of the company before she migrated to the United States. Her history of work goes more than just an experience, from shipping company to banking and finance and to airline industry where she stayed a little longer than her previous jobs. Before joining Holy Family School, she worked as an Accounting Manager and Personnel Department head for 17 years at Reeves & Associates, a mid-size law office in Pasadena and was mentored by one of the top lawyers in California. This office allowed her to continue her passion for accounting and at the same time provided her with the stability and opportunity to take care of her family.

She is humbled and thrilled to be part of this community at Holy Family Catholic School.