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Updated August 2018

HFS Scrip Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scrip?  

Scrip is a fundraising program that allows you to turn your everyday shopping into cash for HFS. Here is how it works… you purchase gift cards from Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC) – either from their ShopWith (SWS) or (MSW) site.  A percentage of the purchase is paid to HFS in the form of a rebate and is credited towards your family’s Annual Fundraising Commitment. The rebate percentages vary by individual retailers. There are over 700 participating retailers!

Why do I need a ShopWith Scrip Account?

Each family that chooses to participate in Scrip is required to register at , which allows us to keep track of your scrip purchases. It also allows you to check the purchases you have made and the profits you have earned for the school. Please contact for the enrollment instructions.

What are the current Scrip family requirements?

Scrip is part of Holy Family School’s Annual Fundraising program. Families may choose to participate in Scrip in order to meet, or partially meet, their annual Fundraising Commitment. Scrip credits can be earned with online purchases of scrip gift cards at

What if I do not want to participate in the program?

Families are not required to participate in Scrip. However, families must still meet their annual fundraising commitment.  See Fundraising for further information.

What percentages do the merchants give back in scrip credit?

Merchant donation %’s range from 1% to 20% of the amount purchased and average about 8%.  For example, purchasing $1,000 in Macy’s scrip, which has a 10% donation percentage, provides you with $100 in scrip credits towards your annual Fundraising Commitment. Gap/Old Navy provides a 14% credit. PotteryBarn is 8%. Starbucks is 7%. BestBuy is 4%. Go to for a complete list of merchants.

Why does Scrip make sense as a fundraising strategy for our school?

Scrip is a relatively easy way to generate revenue for our school’s needs. It requires minimal volunteer hours and cost to sustain the program. Since retailers provide the Scrip revenue to the school based on your normal everyday purchases, it is not a financial burden to our families. It’s essentially FREE money!

What is Scrip funding used for?

Scrip profits support the school operating budget of the school including teacher and staff salaries, books and educational materials.

How will I know how much Scrip profit I have earned?

Families can keep track of their purchases (and the profit earned for Holy Family School) by logging onto their  account. Click on Dashboard and then click on Reports, where you are able to run custom reports.

What merchants participate in the ShopWithScrip Program?

There are over 770 merchants that participate with our Scrip vendor, In addition to national merchants, ShopWithScrip offers scrip from a few local merchants, including some restaurants.

What is and 

These are scrip purchasing websites and management programs designed by GLSC for its customers.

Can I pay for my order by check? 

No, checks are no longer accepted. Only PrestoPay payments are allowed.

What is PrestoPay? 

To participate in Scrip, you must enroll in PrestoPay.  PrestoPay is GLSC’s version of PayPal. When you use PrestoPay, your order payment is transferred securely via ACH electronic debit. To enroll in PrestoPay, sign into your SWS account and click on the PrestoPay link under Family Functions in your SWS Dashboard. You’ll need your bank account number and routing number, along with the account holder information. Once you submit those, in 1-2 days they’ll make two small deposits in the account for verification. A small, $0.15 charge will be added each time you checkout with PrestoPay.

What is the return policy? 

Electronic scrip (ScripNow, Re-loads, and ReloadNow) orders are FINAL and not returnable or exchangeable. It is possible, but not always, to cancel a physical card order, but once we have processed the order, it is no longer refundable.

Where & when can I get Scrip? 

Scrip is ordered online order at or Electronic Scrip is available 24/7. Orders for physical cards can be placed at any time during the month, but will not be processed until the next physical card order processing date.  Cards can be picked up the in the school office a few days later. Check the website or newsletter for order and pick updates.

What happened to physical scrip cards?  

Holy Family’s scrip program now focuses primarily on electronic scrip since so many retailers are also moving that direction and eliminating the need for physical cards. However, there are some retailers that still only use physical cards, so we will process orders of physical cards at least once a month.  Your Scrip cards will be available for pick up in the school office a few days later. Check the website or newsletter for order and pick updates.

What is electronic Scrip (ScripNow, ReloadNow & Reload cards)?

  • ScripNow-Electronic gift cards are available from many of our retailers and can be ordered and printed from your ShopWithScrip (SWS) account.  The ScripNow is delivered to your SWS account in minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Print the certificate and redeem it in stores, or copy and paste the code at checkout to apply for an online purchase. You can also order and redeem ScripNow right from your phone using
  • ReloadNow & Reload cards– Do some good for the planet by reloading gift cards! Reloading is a time-saving option that allows you to add funds to gift cards you’ve already purchased through SWS. You don’t need to wait for new gift cards to ship, and you can use Reload as much as you need! When your Reload orders are placed and paid for before 3:30 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, the funds will be added to your card overnight! Plus, for a growing number of retailers, you can add funds to your cards even faster with ReloadNow™. When you pay for your order with PrestoPay™, funds will be added to your card in minutes, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

What is MyScripWallet?  

This is a “must have” if you are using ScripNow and Reloadable options.  MyScripWallet (MSW) is an ordering tool for ScripNow® and Reloads.  It includes a wallet function to display your previously purchased electronic scrip and Reloaded cards. You are able to manage and see the remaining balances of all your ScripNow and Reloaded cards from the website or your mobile device. You can use the website on your computer or the MyScripWallet mobile web app on your phone. To download the app, go to on your phone’s browser and follow the screen prompts there. Your login and password for SWS and MSW are the same.

Where can I find the HFS enrollment code? 

You need to email to get the code along with enrollment instructions. We do not post our enrollment codes online for security purposes.

I am all signed up on, now what??  

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the ShopWithScrip website and all it has to offer.  It is very user-friendly and has wonderful tutorials and information.

I placed an order for physical scrip cards, so what happens now? 

Orders for physical scrip cards are processed once a month during the school year on specified dates.  Your Scrip cards will be available for pick up in the school office a few days later. Check the website or newsletter for order and pick updates.

Why can’t we use credit cards to purchase Scrip so we can earn airlines miles? 

Due to the high fees associated with credit cards, it is not cost effective for this type of fundraising.

I have more questions, what should I do? Please ask!! Email your questions to

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