Dear Parents,

February was fun and full of learning.  March should be full of more memories and much progress.  The students should be working hard on knowing their multiplication facts from 0-9x and need to review them daily for speed, accuracy, and most importantly, retention.  They can also start practicing their cursive as we finish learning the lowercase letters this month.  Thank you for your support in this area.

Thank you to the McIntosh family for the Valentine treats.  I also thank those for the thoughtful gifts and goodies I received for Valentine’s Day.  It was a LOVE-ly day!

This month the book report is on a classic approved by me and the focus is characters.  It culminates with the “characters” from the book being interviewed by me at our Literature Tea on Thursday, April 2nd.  More information about this exciting event is coming this month.  I know the students will enjoy their books and the “Tea”!

Jog-a-thon is this month and should be fun for all-see you at the track!  Lastly, the 2nd trimester ends and report cards along with the student’s 2nd trimester portfolios (of classwork) are coming home this month also.  Please take the time to review your child’s work with them and return the Parent Response Form.

Prayers always,

Sue Arnold