Annual School Survey

Dear Parents,

Once again it is time for our annual school survey.  It is your opportunity to provide valuable, confidential feedback regarding our programs, academics and school community. We know this is a unique opportunity for our families and we hope you will take advantage of it. Your input has inspired impactful change and helps us make Holy Family School an even better place.

Many of you felt that last year’s process was a bit daunting and too time consuming. This year we have done a more abbreviated version in an effort to gain more responses. You will see that the middle school is grouped as one entity. If you would like to highlight a particular program or class, please feel free to do so in the comments section. You may claim two service hours per family for your participation.

We are all vested in the well-being and success of our students. Parents, faculty, the administration and school board are collaborators in this nine-year experience. Not only are we developing young minds, the uniqueness of our faith community values the spiritual development of every child. Each student deserves the opportunity to grow and prosper in a safe and loving environment. The personal and academic success of our graduates continues to validate our efforts.

As you will see there are three separate links included. Please respond to all applicable links.             HFS Principal/School Community Parents              K-5 program            Middle School Effectiveness

Thank you for your input. We will give your thoughts and ideas the utmost consideration and confidentiality. The deadline for feedback is 4/7/17.


Connie Harding                                             Cambria Tortorelli

President, Holy Family School Board            Parish Life Director