A Warm Welcome to Holy Family Catholic School!
Whether it is your first year or your last year, we are ALL here to help you have the most amazing year at HFS! Following are tips and FAQs to guide you into the new school year. If you have any questions, please contact the school office at 626-799-4354. Also, check us out on Facebook and Instagram!

Before Your Child Starts School

  • DROP-IN DAY  All teachers, including the Kindergarten teachers, will be in their classrooms to greet you and your child from 8:00-11:00 a.m. Students from grades 1-8 may also drop off their backpacks and school supplies in their classrooms. In addition, various committee representatives will have tables set up in the breezeway with volunteer sign up opportunities.  It is a great time to ask questions and learn about the many volunteer options available to help you fulfill your family service hours and volunteer in your child’s classroom.
  • KINDERGARTEN ORIENTATION:   Orientation is a meeting held in the Kindergarten classrooms for parents only.  Parents will meet our Kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Ascencio and Ms. Sicka, to learn about the class curriculum and activities, and have the opportunity to ask questions.  Only one parent is required to attend.
  • UNIFORMS: Please read the Uniform Policy in the Parent-Student Handbook 2019 – 2020.  For information on New or Gently Worn Uniforms, visit the HFS School Uniform Page.
  • SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Please click here for grades K – 8 School Supplies.
  • BUDDY FAMILIES: This is a special tradition at HFS, where new families are paired with a “buddy family” to help answer any questions or concerns during the first year.
  • PARENT HANDBOOK: The Parent/Student Handbook, a contract between the parents, students and the school, outlines all general school information. It is available for viewing on the HFS Parent/Student Web page as well as handed out at the first mandatory Parent Guild meeting in September. Please take the time to review it before your child begins school.

The Basics of HFS

TUITION: Tuition is paid monthly through Smart Tuition.  Please contact the school office or visit the HFS Tuition & Fees web page for complete details.

CARPOOL: Carpool is an important process for getting our children to and from school in a safe and efficient manner. Please make sure to study these carpool instructions located on: Carpool 2019 -2020  They clearly outline the directions to follow when entering and exiting the school.

Each family is asked to work in morning carpool to ensure the safety of our school community. Even though many families may choose to walk their child/children into the school each morning, we still rely on all school families to make our overall morning drop off process work smoothly (and to keep our neighbors happy). Please click here at HFS Morning Drop-off Parent Volunteer Policy

PARENT COMMITMENT– Holy Family School parents are required to support the Parish in various areas. For the Complete listing, list visit the HFS Parent Commitment Page.

ROOM PARENTS: Room Parents in each respective class are your main sources of contact for your particular grade. They act as liaisons between the teacher and parents to keep communications up to date and seamless by sending out emails, flyers, etc.

SCHOOL-WIDE COMMUNICATIONS:  There are several ways to keep you apprised of important dates and events at the school. For current info, we have a Weekly e-Newsletter that is sent via email every Friday/Saturday highlighting important news and events for the upcoming week. You should already be added to our mailing list; if not, please contact the Director of Brand and Social Communications  Michele Rodriguez. You can also follow our Facebook page for daily news, updates, and events. Lastly, our website is a great source of information to quickly get access to the school calendar, forms, fundraising, after-school activities and more. Our website also features pages for each class that includes class news, class events and homework assignments updated by the teachers. You can also check out our blog and Principal’s page for important announcements.


When do the students have P.E.?
PE days vary per grade. At the start of each year, you’ll be given a class schedule.

When do the students attend mass?
Your child will attend mass weekly with their class. Additionally, Monthly All-School Mass Days are sponsored by a different grade every month.  All kids wear school uniforms (no PE clothes). The parents of the sponsoring class normally walk into mass and sit with their child. Immediately following the mass, a retreat for that particular class and their parents is held in the Parish Hall.  It is a very special day for the children.  The May Crowning Mass sponsored by the 3rd grade is an especially wonderful mass.

What is Time Well-Spent? How can I sign up?
“Time Well Spent” is provided for the students of parents who need adult supervision for their children after school. Students have a designated homework time and also enjoy a snack and playtime. This program is open to all students who attend Holy Family School. The hours of operation are from dismissal (including half days) until 6:00 p.m. Participants are invoiced monthly. Click here for Time Well Spent Registration Form. For more information, contact Ms. Ericka Giordano at 626-403-6177 or 626-799-4354. For billing inquiries, contact 626-403-6161.

What is Hot Lunch?
We offer a Wednesday hot lunch schedule each semester that includes delicious selections from baked ziti to In-N-Out! Forms will be available at Drop-In day.

What is Choicelunch?
Parents can also opt to order Choicelunch on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. A simple online ordering system/mobile app, that is delivered to our school. Check the website here for details.

What do I need to know about the Annual Back to School Picnic and BBQ?
Annual Back to School Picnic and BBQ is a  wonderful way to meet new families and a special tradition of HFS.   You can purchase tickets at Drop in Day or Back to School Night. Dress is casual. The picnic will be held on Sunday, September 11 from 3-6 p.m. at Garfield Park in South Pasadena.

What is the Welcome Cocktail Reception?
We invite new families, buddy families, HFS Parent Guild Board/Committee Chair’s and HFS teachers and staff to come together, welcome the new families and celebrate the start of a new school year.  It is a great way to interact with the teachers in a casual environment.