Middle School consists of grades 6-8 at Holy Family school.  Middle School students experience a departmentalized schedule where they move from one classroom to another for different subjects -- thus experiencing a variety of teachers, each specializing in his/her given subject.  The curriculum is demanding and developmentally appropriate.  Holy Family's middle school curriculum places special emphasis on personal responsibility.  Teachers encourage students to take responsibility for their own academic performance and help them build the vital organizational skills, study skills and independence they will need for high school.

Students continue to grow academically as well as spiritually and socially during the middle school years. They grow spiritually through participation in liturgy, religion class and a variety of philanthropic parish service projects.  Outdoor educational week-long camps  (i.e. Science Camp and Catalina Island Marine Institute) and field trips help bring science to life for Holy Family students.  In addition, they're able to further develop their social skills and bond together as a class through these engaging experiences.

Students in Grades 5-8 are able to participate on in Holy Family School's athletic program and are encouraged to do so.  Typically, students in grades 5 & 6 comprise the Junior Varsity team and student in grades 7 & 8 play on the varsity teams representing Holy Family School in the CIF.  In addition to athletics, students are able to participate in student government (Student Council) and enjoy a variety of field trips focused on history and fine arts throughout their Middle School years.

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