Meet the Masters

Meet our 2016-2017 Masters
  • October: Henri MatisseMTMJacobLawrence.2014.Jan
  • November: Edgar Degas
  • January: Georgia O’Keeffe
  • February: Katsushika Hokusai
  • March: Piet Mondrian
  • April: Grant Wood
  • May: Mary Cassatt


About the Program:
Meet the Masters is an art appreciation program that exposes students to dozens of the master artists. Each year, Holy Family students study seven different master artists. The students learn the artists’ history, their major pieces of artwork and the techniques and media the artists’ utilized to create their works. Meet the Masters hopes to engage the students so they will have an understanding and an appreciation of art at an early age. It is designed to teach students how to observe art, describe the elements of art and develop perceptual and creative thinking skills. Hopefully, it will give them confidence in their own unique artistic endeavors!

This program is designed to teach artistic skills via sequenced exposure throughout the month. The students first learn about the featured artist at an age appropriate lecture and then complete an in-class learning packet reinforcing key points. Finally the students get to complete their very own art project in the art studio. The project will emphasize a theme, a medium or a technique used by the artist.

The program is volunteer-driven and no prior art knowledge is necessary. Parent “docents” will hear the lecture and learn the art project. They, in turn, teach their child’s class the project. The children have a chance to have their artwork displayed in both the Art Room and on the Gallery Wall at the student entrance. The results are really amazing – parents and children are both surprised at their creative accomplishments!

Art Activities by the Students!

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