Helpful Tips for Incoming Kindergarten Parents

kinder welcomeHere are a few tips and advice from present and past HFS Kindergarten parents to help ease your way into the school year!

  • The children have PE twice a week – and will wear their “PE uniform” for those days – as you plan your first purchase at CKW, please keep that in mind!
  • PE Shirts – they don’t last very long – especially for boys. For my son I bought about 4-5 per year – that blacktop plus sweat make it look like he worked in a coal mine all day. Also, Jog A Thon T-Shirts can be worn on PE days! And go big – the CKW ladies knew what they were talking about with the sizing – everything lasts about 2 years.
  • NAMES – CKW embroiders names on jackets/sweatshirts – DO THIS -last names or last name with 1st Initial are fine – Like T. Seuss  or just Seuss – I can’t tell you how important this is – there is an extra expense, but those pricey uniform sweatshirts will surely find their way home if they are clearly embroidered!
  • Girl?  Keep your eyes peeled for those little “boy shorts/bloomers” that the girls wear under their jumper – Sometimes called “monkey bar buddies”.  Black or Navy Blue are the preferred color – CKW has them – but sometimes Target has them on special – a significant savings over the uniform store.
  • Naptime blanket – Ms. Sicka & Mrs. Ascencio have a “naptime” for the children – a rest time after lunch – this continues until Christmas break – CKW has a lovely bed roll, with the uniform plaid on it or  you to also bring in a beach towel – An awesome Star Wars  or Tinkerbell towel is totally fine, less bulky (fits in their cubby) and easier (sent home Friday to be washed).
  • At the end of Summer we have a Drop in Day – a fun visit in the classroom and a chance to sign up for different things (Helping in the classroom, the art program, etc.) – Don’t feel like you need to sign up for anything that day -though its fine if you do –  you can think about it – there will be plenty of chances to help – especially kinder because there is a party about once a month.
  • Be kind and assume good will – you are building your “village” that will last for 9 years – help when you can and reach out to those families who you may not see often.
  • Enjoy Kinder – your child is everyone’s baby this year – Welcome to HFS 🙂