Weekly News

Week of March 18th

We have another short week due to the Religious Education Congress that the teachers are attending on Friday, so enjoy another 3 day weekend!  This week we have just a few schedule changes.  Library is on Tuesday instead of Thursday due to Ms. Giordano being at the RE Congress.  We have PE on Tuesday as always and NO PE on Friday due to the students not being at school.  We have 8:15am mass on Thursday with 6th grade.

This week we are learning about:


We are finishing and reviewing Ch. 20 on the Great Commandment and the test is on Thursday.  We are also focusing on St. Patrick and St. Joseph as we continue to celebrate their feast days.

Language Arts

In Spelling, we have 20 words (compound words) and the test is on Thursday due to the day off on Friday.  In English, we continue to learn about and apply adjectives that answer what kind?, how many?, and which one?.  The test should be next week.  In Reading, our focus is informational text and identifying main ideas and supporting details as well as using text evidence to make inferences and predictions.  Lastly, we are continuing to practice our lowercase cursive letters before moving on to uppercase letters next week.


We are continuing to practice our 0 to 9 times facts and there is a test on Wednesday on all of them (49 problems).  Students really need to intensify their practice at home to be at the speed and accuracy necessary for all the math to come.  We are also using various tools and activities to practice them at school.

Social Studies and Science

In Science, we are finishing Ch. B3 and learning about the reason for the seasons and lunar and solar eclipses.  The test should be next week.  In S.S., we are starting Ch. 5 on Newcomers Settle.  We are learning about the movement west and how transportation and communication has affected it through the years.

Tests this week

Wednesday-Math-0 to 9 times fact test

Thursday-Religion-Ch. 20 on the Great Commandment

Thursday-Spelling-20 words (compound words)

Please take the time to review your student’s 2nd trimester portfolio and return the Parent Response form.  The student’s are doing their 3rd trimester goals this week for homework and they need to be reviewed and signed by a parent.

Lastly, please look for an e-mail from me and a sign-up from Karina Bland with more information about the Literature Tea on Tuesday, April 2nd.


Week of March 11th

What a week we had last week!  More rain, Lent began, a beautiful Ash Wednesday Mass, a fantastic Science Fair, and a lovely ending of Special Friend’s Day which included the always special Living Stations of the Cross.  Too bad we lost an hour this weekend, we could have used the extra time to recuperate!  Luckily, the students have Monday off and should be rested and ready to return on Tuesday.

This week is short and busy as well.  We have Library on TUESDAY (instead of Thursday) this week due to Ms. Giordano’s schedule.  We are making rosaries on Wednesday morning thanks to HFS parent Mrs. Pedroza and her mother.  We have 8:15am mass on Thursday morning with 6th grade and Living Stations of the Cross again this Friday at 2pm.  Lastly, we are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on Friday the 15th due to it being on Sunday.  It was great seeing so many of you around last week and look forward to seeing some of you again this week.

Lastly, 2nd trimester report cards and student portfolios are going home on Tuesday.  Please take the time to enjoy going through the portfolio with your student and return the Parent Response Form that is included in the portfolio ASAP.  The students are writing their 3rd trimester goals next week.  Report cards do not need to be returned.  Also, the tests/papers from last week are going home on Thursday instead of Tuesday as they reflect 3rd trimester work.

We are learning this week:


We are learning about the Great Commandment in Ch. 20 this week.  The test is next week.  We are also making rosaries and reflecting on the Stations of the Cross.

Language Arts

There is NO spelling this week due to the short week.  In English, we are learning about comparative adjectives.  In Reading, we are starting the chapter book, Ramona Quimby, Age 8, to focus on characters and other story elements.  The students have a Reading Response Journal (orange journal referred to as OJ) that they will be bringing home to do vocabulary and other assignments in.  They need to be sure to bring it back to school each day as we will be using it daily.  In cursive, we are practicing our lowercase letters this week as we know all of them.  Students should start using cursive when they can to practice them.  We are starting uppercase letters next week.


We are learning our last facts (7 times) and the test is on Thursday.  We are also using various methods to practice all the facts.  Next week, the students will be having facts tests on all the facts from 0 to 9 times and should be practicing daily for speed and accuracy.

Science and Social Studies

We are starting Ch. B3 this week on the Effects of Earth and Moon Motions and learning how the tilt of the Earth and its movements around the Sun causes the various seasons.  We are starting Ch. 5 in Social Studies next week.

Tests this week

Thursday-Math-7 times fact test

Congratulations to those students (and parents that helped!) with a Science Fair Project.  About half of the 3rd grade participated which was the most of any class and the students should be very proud of their work.  Also, Coach Buzz let me know that most of the attendees on Thursday night were from 3rd grade.  The 3rd graders viewed all of the Fair on Friday morning, and I was very proud of the projects by our students.

Have a wonderful week.

Sue Arnold


Week of March 4th

February flew by and March started with a bang as we had a very successful Jog-a-thon.  Thank you to those that helped with the event.  The weather cooperated, and the students seemed to enjoy the exercise.  I know I did!

The 2nd trimester also ended last Friday, and the report cards/portfolios are going home on Tuesday, March 12th, due to some scheduling changes.  First, Special Friends Day is back on this Friday, March 8th, from1-3pm.  The students and friends can enjoy time in their classroom, touring the school, visiting the Science Fair in the parish hall, and finish the afternoon by viewing the Living Stations of the Cross in the church at 2pm.  Students need to wear their SCHOOL UNIFORM on Friday for SFD.  Please see the School Weekly Newsletter for more information.

As mentioned above, the Science Fair is this week.  Information was sent home a few weeks ago by me.  It is optional for 3rd grade but highly encouraged and can also earn some extra credit points in Science.  The students participating need to bring their projects directly to the hall before school on Thursday morning.  It is open for viewing Thursday and Friday during school hours and also on Thursday evening from 6-7:30pm.  The projects need to be brought home Friday afternoon after Special Friends Day is over.

Lent also begins this week with Ash Wednesday School Mass led by 4th grade at 9:30am this Wednesday.  As mentioned above, Living Stations of the Cross begins this week and is every Friday we are in school @ 2pm until Holy Week.

We are also celebrating Read Across America and the great Dr. Seuss on Monday.  Students can wear crazy socks and/or crazy hair on that day.  Also, we are collecting new or gently used books to donate to some of our sister schools.  Please help us to collect books throughout the week to support reading across America.

Please note the schedule change of 2 dates in March.  There is NO school on Monday, March 11th, due to a city power shut-down.  Now, the students are to ATTEND school on Monday, March 25th, in its place.  There is still NO school on Friday, March 23rd, due to Religious Ed Congress for the teachers.

Whew-I think I covered everything schedule-wise!

This is what we are learning this week:


We are not starting any new chapters this week as we focus on the beginning of the Lenten season and its meaning.  We are also focusing on the Virtues of the Month-Loyalty and Dependability-especially as they relate to friendship.

Language Arts

This week we have 22 words in Spelling that focus on words with the vowel sounds as in spoon and wood.  The test is on Friday morning.  We are learning about adjectives (describing what kind? and how many?) and articles (a. an, and the).  In Reading, we are reading myths and the students are using story maps to identify characters, setting, problem, events, and solution.  They are also learning how to summarize.  We are also enjoying some Dr. Seuss books, videos, and activities as we celebrate Read Across America this week.  They should be choosing their Classic book for this month’s book report which culminates with the Literature Tea.  Look for information going home this week.  Lastly, we are finishing our lowercase cursive letters this week, so the students can start writing words and sentences.  They can print the uppercase letters until we learn them.


We are learning the 8 times facts this week and the test is on Wednesday. There are only 2 new facts which are 8 x 7=56 and 8 x 8=64.  We continue to apply all the multiplication facts in our lessons.

Social Studies and Science

We are not starting any new chapters in Science this week due to all the school events.  We will continue with Ch. B3 next week on the Effects of the Earth and Moon Motions.  In Social Studies, we are reviewing for Ch. 4 (Communities in History) test on Thursday.  It covers a lot of communities and the students should start their review on Tuesday to be best prepared.  We are also learning more about women in history as this is Women’s History Month.

Tests this week

Wednesday-Math-8 times fact test

Thursday-Social Studies-Ch. 4 (Communities in History)

Friday-Spelling-22 words with vowel sounds as in spoon and wood

Lastly, the students have “chewed” through all the pencils supplied at the beginning of the year.  All students should bring in more sharpened pencils and some need more lined paper, new crayons, and/or new markers.  They seem to be very active this year with their school tools!  Thank you for supplying them with what they need.

Enjoy your week and hope to see many of you around this week.  Stay dry!!!

Sue Arnold