Weekly News

JUNE 12th

I cannot believe that this is it!!!  I hope most of the students will be here for our final days as they are a fun time of friendship and making memories as we have the final clean-up of desks, the Talent Show, some ocean songs and games to play, Buddy Beach Day, our last Community Circle, celebrating summer B-days, and our final mass.

The students will be bringing home some items each day so please check your student’s backpacks and remove them so they don’t come back!  I am sending home the last 3 tests (including the Math Final) on Monday to be signed and returned after you review them.  Please be sure to return them ASAP, esp. the math, as I send these on to Mrs. Smiland so she knows about any areas that need extra review in the fall.  Report cards will not be released ahead of time so if you are leaving before the end of the day on Wednesday, you will need to check the office summer hours as to when you can pick up the report card and other items that belong to your student.

This week’s activities are:


Assembly at 8:00am-new Student Council

Talent Show at 10:00am on the OLC

Noon dismissal


Buddy Beach Day (3rd and 6th grade) from 9-9:30am (on the OLC “beach”)-thank you to all who have signed up to bring goodies or help with this fun event!

*Students may wear playclothes (not swimsuits) and sandals/flip-flops and should bring a towel to sit on

Noon dismissal

*Note – we are having our final Community Circle and celebrating summer B-days in the classroom so your students don’t want to miss these activities!


Honor Roll Assembly at 8:30 in the Hall

Mass at 9:15am

Dismissal around 10:30 from the classroom

I wish everyone a blessed summer of fun and family time.  I look forward to seeing everyone again in the fall, but in the meantime I hope to run into some of you around church or town this summer.  I will be meeting my new granddaughter in Nashville and visiting my parents on Cape Cod as I take a massive road trip across country and back.

Prayers always,

Sue Arnold


JUNE 5th

Well, I hope everyone had as great a time as I did at the tidepools last Friday-I know the students did!  Those sea hares were epic!  Thank you to all who drove and helped out with this fun and educational trip.  A special thanks to Juan Jimenez, who represented the dads, and took lots of pictures.  Please post any pictures on Shutterfly so all can enjoy.

This week brings more learning and fun activities for some and all.  On Monday, we have our school assembly and then the new Student Council Installation-congrats to all, especially the siblings of our third graders.  On Wednesday is Kindergarten Graduation at 10:00am.  It is a regular school day with a spelling test and new material and review of previous material in math as we prepare for the Math Final on Friday.  Students with siblings are excused to go to the graduation at 10:00am and are expected to be back to the classroom after it ends-approximately 11-11:15am.  If they are not returning, they are responsible to get their missed work and homework.  On Thursday, we have 8:15am mass with the 6th grade and will continue to review for the Math Final.  If the students are not here, they will miss important review material and homework to help with reviewing for the math test.  It is 11:00am dismissal due to the 8th grade luncheon, so plenty of time to have fun afterwards!  On Friday, 8th grade graduates at 5:30pm in the Church.

This week we are learning about:


We are finished with our textbook, but will continue to focus on the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Language Arts

There is a Spelling Test on Wednesday on 50 words a fourth grader should know.  The pretest is going home on Monday, followed by a list of words on Tuesday to do their homework.  There is an English test on capitalization and punctuation on Tuesday.


We are learning about probability and simple division with a remainder.  We are also reviewing all material learned this year to prep for the final on Friday.

Science and Social Studies

We are finished with the textbooks and tests.  We are viewing some material on websites and videos on Energy and Forces.

Tests this week

Tuesday-English-Capitalization and punctuation

Wednesday-Spelling-50 words

Friday-Math Final

Next week brings the Talent Show on Monday and Buddy Beach Day (more info to follow) on Tuesday.  These are both noon dismissal days.  On next Wednesday, June 14th, the last day of school, there is an Honor Roll Assembly in the Hall that all grades are attending at 8:30am and then Mass should follow at approximately 9:15am.  Students will be dismissed after they return to the classrooms after mass around 10:30am.  Report cards will not be given out ahead of time.  If you are not going to be here, you will need to pick up the report card and any other materials in the office during the summer.  Please check the summer office hours.

I know it is a busy time of year, but I highly encourage the students to be here each and every day to enjoy their final days in third grade and all the fun activities and learning as we make our final memories together.  The students also want to finish on a strong academic note as well!

Sue Arnold