Weekly News

Week of September 17th

It was great to see most all of you at Articulation Night last week.  I hope I was able to help you be better informed about the fabulous third grade!  Please return the student interest inventory sheet as it is truly helpful to me in understanding your student better.

Last week ended on a high note when we had a lot of “doggies” visit us and we did several activities involving them such as a graphing activity.  The students learned about attributes and sorting their dogs by certain ones.  Then we graphed the data and discussed the results.  It was a fun day and ended with drawing a portrait using oil pastels of their little buddies.

This week is pretty normal schedule-wise except for noon dismissal on Friday due to a faculty PD day to prep for the school accreditation this year.  My husband is having shoulder surgery on Friday so I will be spending the day at Kaiser.  We also have DIBELS testing for reading fluency on Thursday for grades K thru 5.

This week we are learning about:


In Ch. 3, we are learning how Mary trusted God and is a model of faith for us.  The test is on Friday.  We are also acknowledging International Peace Day this month with an activity focusing on conflict resolution and being peacemakers.  We continue to reflect on the SLE of Spiritually Active Catholic and our virtues of the month-respect and courtesy.

Language Arts

This week in Spelling, we focus on 18 words with long a and long e.  The test is on Friday.  In English, we continue to focus on sentences-types and subject/predicate.  We are also learning about compound sentences and correcting run-ons.  In Reading, the topic of our stories is making a difference and volunteering.  The comprehension strategy is understanding characters and how their actions contribute to the sequence of events in a story.  In Writing, we are continuing to learn about writing narratives.


We are continuing to analyze various types of graphs and learning about place value to 100,000.  We are practicing how to write numbers in standard form and expanded form.  We are continuing to assess our basic skills and there is a test on subtraction facts on Wednesday.  There will be tests on Graphing and Ch. 1 (Place Value) next week which we will start reviewing for soon.

Science and Social Studies

In Science, we continue with Ch. A1 where we are learning about what living things need to survive, and our focus is on food chains and webs this week.  In Social Studies, we are learning more about geography and understanding maps with continents and oceans and using directions to locate features on maps.  We are also wrapping up Ch. 1 on Places We Live and the test will be next week.  We are learning how to define key terms (vocabulary) for better understanding.

Tests this week

Wednesday-Math-Subtraction fact test

Friday-Religion-Ch. 3 on Mary Trusted God

Friday-Spelling-18 words with long a and long e

Finally, I extended the date for Scholastic book orders to Tuesday, Sept. 18th.  Please send in your order with a check or order online using the code H8JLY.

Have a wonderful week and bless you all.

Sue Arnold


Week of September 10th

Well, we have only just begun but third grade is full of life and working hard on skills for successful learning.  This is our first full week of school, desk groupings have been rearranged, and we are focusing on building good work habits, study skills, listening skills, and behavior.  We are trying to practice our Virtues of the Month-Respect and Courtesy-and focus on being a Spiritually Active Catholic (the first SLE).

All co-curricular classes are up and running this week with Spanish/Tech on Monday/Tuesday afternoons and Spanish again on Wednesday afternoons, PE on Tuesday and Friday mornings, Library on Thursday mornings, and Music and Art on Thursday afternoons.  Class masses begin this week with 3rd grade going with 6th grade to 8:15am mass on Thursday mornings.  Please feel free to join us.

Articulation Night for grades 1st thru 5th is on Tuesday, Sept. 11th.  Please be on time as we are on a tight schedule so that those that have multiple students in the lower grades can attend both sessions: 1st session is from 6-6:30pm and the 2nd session is from 6:35-7:05pm.  I look forward to seeing all in the 3rd grade classroom for one of those sessions.

This week we are learning about:


We are learning about God as Creator in Ch. 2 and the test is on Friday.  Students need to listen and participate in class and practice good study skills to prepare for the test on Friday.

Language Arts

In Spelling, there are 18 words this week that focus on long vowels with vowel-consonant-e patterns.  The pretest goes home on Monday and the test is on Friday.  Homework in Spelling is usually on Mondays and Thursdays.  In English, we are reviewing subject and predicate in sentences and learning to identify and write the 4 types of sentences: statement, question, command, and exclamation.  In Writing, we are learning to identify and use the characteristics of dialogue in descriptive writing.  In Reading, our story is a fantasy and the comprehension strategy is drawing conclusions to demonstrate understanding and using headings and captions in informational text to clarify understanding.  We are also journaling several times a week to promote creativity through risk-free writing and sharing journal writings to promote oral reading skills.  Two reading surveys completed by students are going home on Tuesday for your review of how your student assessed their feelings about reading.  Please sign and return them after discussing them with your student.


We are continuing to review and learn about place value to 100,000 in Ch. 1.  The students also need to be reviewing their addition and subtraction facts and are having an addition fact test on Tuesday.  Finally, we are collecting, analyzing, and organizing data to create and read graphs.  We are using the family survey data asked for last week and also using the attributes of stuffed dogs they are asked to bring to school on this Friday for Dog Week.

Social Studies and Science

In Science, we continue to learn to classify living things by what they eat in Ch. A1 as we prepare to learn about and model food chains/webs. In Ch. 1 in Social Studies, we continue to focus on different communities-rural, suburb,urban-and to learn how to read and use standard map features to improve map skills.

Tests this week

Tuesday-Math-Addition fact test

Friday-Religion-Ch. 2 on God As Creator

Spelling-18 words with long vowels (VCe pattern)

Tests/papers to be signed and returned go home on Tuesdays (typically).  Please be sure to review them with your student and have them returned to school the following day.  Also, I appreciate your help with getting your student into the best homework routine by checking their student planner and homework for completion.  Initialing at the bottom of each assigned homework day in your child’s student planner lets me know this is happening.  A good foundation in study skills/work habits is paramount for student success and now is the time to build it.

I look forward to a week full of learning and memories with your students and seeing you all at Articulation Night and discussing further the wonderful world of 3rd Grade.


Week of September 3rd

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and hopefully, you have discovered the Third Grade Weekly News. I will continue to post it here along with Monthly updates.

Third grade had a very full and fun week of getting to know each other, sharing memories/experiences, and learning about the best way to accomplish our (goals spiritually, behaviorally, and academically) to be the best that we can be.  We are focusing on our SLEs this year (see Monthly News for more information) and this month the school is focusing on Being a Spiritually Active Catholic.

This week brings STAR testing on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings and results will be shared at conferences.  These initial tests help to set a benchmark and curriculum for the year.  Please be sure your student is at school on time so that they are settled in before we start testing.  Spanish begins this week on Wednesday with the whole class meeting the new Spanish teacher (Miss America-that’s right!).  Also, we have Music again on Thursday and choir begins on Tuesday after school for those interested (contact Mr. Reed with any questions).  PE also begins this Friday after STAR testing is over so students may come in correct PE uniform (refer to handbook).

This week we are learning about:


We are learning about God Speaks to Us in Ch. 1 and are discovering ways that God tells us about himself.  The test is on Friday and we review in class but highlighting our text together and using the BeMyDisciples.com chapter test.  The students are expected to also study at home on Thursday for homework.  Our Virtues of the Month are Respect and Courtesy.

Language Arts

We are beginning our new curriculum with our first unit on Good Citizens.  Our first story focuses on the reading comprehension strategy of analyzing the characters/setting/plot of the story using clues from the text and illustrations.  In Spelling, we have 16 spelling words with short vowel sounds.  Students are to bring home their corrected pretest home on Tuesday (usually on Mondays) and have homework on Tuesday and Thursday this week to prepare for their test on Friday.  In English, we are reviewing simple sentences and how they are made up of subjects and predicates.  Finally, in writing we are learning about descriptive narratives and the students will write a paragraph about a special place.  We are also utilizing our Journals for risk free writing that can be shared periodically.


We are reviewing place value and learning how to read, write, and represent numbers to 100,000 now.  We are also collecting/analyzing/representing data through various graphs.  The students need to review their addition and subtraction facts as we are taking some timed fact tests next week to be ready to move on to 3 and 4 digit addition/subtraction computation.

Social Studies/Science

In Social Studies we are starting Ch. 1 on Places We Live where the focus is on learning about different communities and the roles of citizens.  We are also learning about how rules and laws are important in communities.  We are reviewing directions and map reading skills.  In Science, we are starting Ch. 1 on Relationships Among Living Things and discovering what plants and animals need to survive.

Tests this week

Friday-Spelling-16words with short vowel sounds

Religion-Ch. 1 on God Speaks to Us

Homework starts this week and is written in their student planners.  It will not be posted on the website or Schoology so that they learn good planning/organization skills.  We write down the homework together.  Please review your student’s planner and check that they did their homework.  Please confirm this by signing your initials at the bottom of the column for that day’s homework.  I will go over this process at Articulation Night on Sept. 11th.  I am also sending home several assessments/papers this week (including a Homework Plan that should be filled out with your help) that need to be signed and returned to school.

I look forward to seeing you at Articulation Night and filling you in on the wonderful world of third grade.

Week of August 27th

Welcome to third grade Weekly News which is usually posted every Monday to give you an overview of the week to come for your third grader.  It was so nice meeting your children and many of you at Drop-in Day.  It was wonderful to see how excited the students were seeing their new classroom and their old friends.  I look forward to another terrific school year and feel blessed to be able to enjoy another year of 3rd grade-most only get one year of it and I am going on my 23rd time around!

You will learn all about third grade at Articulation Night on September 11th, but in the meantime I will fill you in on a few things via e-mail, Weekly News (here on the school website), and papers sent home with your student.

Students are to come to school in school uniform on Tuesday (please check the parent handbook for the uniform code) for a half day of school.  We are organizing our supplies and learning about our new classroom and curriculum.

The rest of the school week is full day schedule with Time Well Spent beginning on Wednesday.  We are learning about our virtues of Respect and Courtesy as we discuss and review the rules of the classroom, playground, and school. We are doing some math and reading assessments to check readiness and to be ready for STAR testing next week.  We are also doing some community building activities within our class and with our Buddy class-6th grade.  Please be sure to ask your student about their day.

The only pull-out class we have this week is Music on Thursday.  The rest will begin next week or after STAR testing is over.  3rd grade has STAR testing on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning between 8:30-9:15am next week on Sept. 4th, 5th, and 6th..  Recess is at 9:40-10:00am each day (pack a snack if your student needs one) and lunchtime is from 12:00-12:40pm.  PE begins on Friday, Sept. 7th, and is on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 8:15-9:00am.  Art and Library times are on Thursdays.  Please contact Ms. Giordano if you can help during our Library time on Thursdays from 10:45-11:45am.  Class mass with 6th grade is on Thursdays also at 8:15am.  Spanish/Tech is scheduled on Mon., Tues., and Wed. afternoons.

We have our first school mass led by the 8th grade on Friday, August 31st, at 9:30am.  Please feel free to join us.  Students need to wear their school uniform and there is NO PE that day.  There is no school next Monday so I hope you enjoy the long weekend.

Lastly, thank you to Karina Bland for taking on the head room parent position.   I will let her know about any needs the 3rd grade has and dates of various 3rd grade events and field trips as I confirm them.  I’m sure you were all very generous about signing up to help this year and the third grade greatly appreciates your time and talents.

I look forward to seeing everyone at Articulation Night.  Have a wonderful week.

Sue Arnold