Weekly News

December 11th

It was nice to meet with all of you last week at conferences.  The students are progressing and all should be proud of their accomplishments and reflecting on how to continue to produce their very best.  I hope you have had an opportunity to review their 1st trimester portfolio.  When you finish reviewing with your student, please return the parent response form.

This week is busy with preparations for the School Christmas Concert and other special activities.  The concert is Wednesday night and there is no homework so the students can attend and be at their best.  Hope to see you there.  Also, on Tuesday morning, the school is celebrating Mananitas in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  It is being held on the OLC first thing Tuesday morning.  The third grade is celebrating Las Posadas next week on Tuesday, Dec. 19th, in honor of Joseph and Mary’s search for lodging while pregnant with God’s son.  We also have 8:15am mass this week.

This week we are learning about:


We are learning about the Healing Sacraments in Ch. 12.  The test is on Friday.  We are also learning about Our Lady of Guadalupe and Santa Lucia this week, as well as preparing for our Posadas.

Language Arts

This week the test is on Friday on 16 frequently misspelled words.  In Language, we are starting a narrative on an origami figure that comes to life (personification) using questions to put together a Beginning, Middle, and End to the story.  Also, the 2nd trimester goal worksheet is going home on Tuesday to help the students to formulate an academic and behavior goal and how they plan to achieve them.


We are learning about estimating differences and practicing subtraction across zero as well as patterns in numbers.  The test on Chs.3 and 4 is next week.

Social Studies/Science

We are learning about resources and Mexico City as an example in dealing with landforms and resources.  The test on Ch. 2 in S.S. will be next week.  We are also using Brain Pop Jr. to research a famous person and finding/reporting some interesting facts about them to share with the class.

Tests this week

Friday-Religion Ch. 12 (God’s Healing Love)

Friday-Spelling-16 frequently misspelled words

Finally, as we prepare for our Posadas next week, the students can see if they have any Mexican clothes/accessories that they might wear over their uniform next Tuesday such as Mexican shirts, scarves/shawls, ponchos, serapes, sombreros, etc.  I hope to see some of you there!

Sue Arnold


December 4th

December and Advent has begun and it will be a busy couple of weeks until we break to spend the holidays with family and friends.  This week in particular has many changes in the schedule starting with Noon Dismissal on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday due to Parent Conferences in the afternoon each day.  Also, we have Reconciliation for grades 3, 4, and 5 on Wednesday morning.  We also have a School Mass on Friday led by the 5th grade.  The students need to swear their SCHOOL UNIFORM on Friday due to mass.

You should have received a reminder from Sign-up Genius by now as to your scheduled conference time.  The conferences are in the Parish Hall and it is important to be on time as we are on a very strict schedule and times need to be adhered to as it can affect other conferences in other grades.  I do not have any available slots for rescheduling.  I look forward to meeting with all to discuss your child’s progress and how we can continue to support them in achieving academic success.

This week we are learning about:


We are preparing for Christmas as we enter the Advent season.  We are creating a Jesse tree about Jesus’ ancestors.  We are also celebrating St. Nicholas this week as well as the immaculate conception of Mary.  Third grade also makes Christmas cards to be given to the elderly of our parish.  We are not starting any new chapters in Religion this week due to the shortened days at the end of the week.

Language Arts

There is no Spelling words this week due to the schedule.  In English, we are continuing to learn about verbs, focusing on past and future tense.  We are not reading any new stories in our Literature book, but are focusing on writing a narrative using first person point of view and learning about poetry.  The students are creating a concrete poem using Christmas shapes.

The students have a new reading log where they record the  number of minutes read on a Christmas tree.  Please be sure they return their November reading log signed by a parent.  Also, information about their December book report is going home this week after being explained to the students.  They need to read a poetry book and select a poem to do a practiced reading (or recitation if they want) on Wednesday, Dec. 20th.  I hope they enjoy exploring this genre.


We are continuing to review and practice calculating 2, 3, and 4-digit addition/subtraction with regrouping.  We are also using our rounding skills to estimate sums and differences.

Social Studies and Science

In Social Studies, we continue with Ch. 2 on Land and Resources as we learn about various landforms and different regions of the United States.  We are not starting any new chapters in Science this week due to the schedule.

There are NO tests this week!!!

See you at conferences.

Sue Arnold