Weekly News

Week of November 12th

I hope that everyone had a wonderful 3-day weekend and spent some time remembering our veterans for all that they do and did for us.  I cohosted a baby shower for granddaughter #2 due the beginning of February and of course, spent a lot of time doing schoolwork as we wrap up the end of the first trimester and prepare for Thanksgiving vacation.  I will be spending some time with granddaughter #1 (18 months old) and my youngest son and wife in Nashville. I hope that you all have a wonderful vacation and Thanksgiving with friends and family as well.

First, a BIG thank you to those parents that helped to drive/chaperone on our field trip to the Arboretum.  It was a beautiful day and very educational.  Also, we had an extra treat as the Arboretum is all set up for the Moonlight Forest Festival which is running Wednesday-Sunday evenings from now until January 6th.  It is a Chinese lantern event and looks amazing.  I plan to attend one evening and there is information about it on the Arboretum website.

This week we start with PE on Tuesday (don’t forget PE uniforms) as there is NO school on Monday due to Veterans Day observance.  We also have STAR Math testing on Tuesday afternoon during Tech time.  We are not going to 8:15am mass on Thursday as we have School Mass (led by 6th grade) on Friday.  Please be sure the students are in their SCHOOL UNIFORM on Friday.  There is also a Bake Sale on Wednesday and Free Dress on Thursday according to the School Weekly News.  Lastly, the Thanksgiving Food Drive for the Giving Bank needs turkeys this week and 3rd grade has been asked to provide canned corn.

This week we are studying:


We are not starting a new chapter this week and continue to focus on learning more about saints and practicing the virtues of wisdom and good judgment.  We have School Mass on Friday.

Language Arts

In spelling, we have only 18 words this week due to the short week. The focus is on words with ou and ow and the test is on Friday.  In English, we continue to review verbs and are learning about abstract nouns.  We are reading a realistic fiction story about a Japanese performer and the comprehension strategy is cause and effect.  We are also writing a narrative in the 1st person point of view about the first thanksgiving.  The students are writing as a Pilgrim or Native American child.  The students are also putting together their 1st trimester portfolios by making selections and reflecting on their work.  They will be given out at conferences.


We are learning about missing addends and practicing addition computation as we apply the properties of addition.

Science and Social Studies

We are starting Ch. A3 on Living Things in the Environment.  We are also reflecting on the Pilgrims and Native Americans and their first encounter.

Tests this week

Friday-Spelling-18 words (ou and ow words)

We return Monday, November 26th.  Report cards go home on Tuesday, November 27th, and conferences are the afternoons of November 28th-30th.

Enjoy your time with family and friends and know that I am thankful for you and your students.

Sue Arnold


Week of November 5th

Well, we made it through Halloween and now November is going to fly by as we have limited days of school due to Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Vacation, and Parent/Teacher Conferences.  Before we know it, it will be Christmas!

It was nice to see so many of you at the Halloween Parade.  I am always amazed at the creativity of the costumes, and third grade had a wonderful day Trunk n Treating, playing Halloween Bingo, and parading our costumes.  A BIG thank you to the Reed family for the healthy treats.

Red Ribbon Week (plus!) has also ended, so we are back to a semi-normal schedule this week.  We do have our field trip on Thursday and thank you to all who volunteered to drive/chaperone for it.  We will not attend 8:15am mass that day or have Library.  We also start STAR testing (round 2), on Monday and Tuesday during tech time and will continue next week.

This week we are learning about:


We continue with Ch. 8 (Communion of Saints) and the test is on Friday.  We are also learning more about special saints by creating banners to honor them.  The virtues of the month are wisdom and good judgment which so many of the saints model for us.

Language Arts

In Spelling, we have 22 words again, focusing on unexpected consonants.  The test is on Friday.  In English, we continue to learn about action and being verbs.  We are also learning about how to properly punctuate a series of nouns or verbs in a sentence.  Our comprehension strategy in Reading is drawing conclusions.  We are reading some traditional folk tales to learn how to use conclusions to predict/infer the message in these types of stories.  We are also writing about our Favorite Living Saint and expressing our thankfulness in a Thanksgiving acrostic.  Lastly, we are exploring sign language and its use.  We are practicing making and reading letters through an app and learning how we can use it in the classroom to communicate information without using our voices.


We are having a test on Ch. 2 on comparing, ordering, and rounding numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand using place value.  We are also beginning Ch. 3 and learning about properties of addition.  The students should also continue to practice their addition and subtraction facts to help with their STAR testing.

Social Studies and Science

We are having a test on Ch. 8 (Our Government) on Wednesday in Social Studies.  The main focus is the 3 branches of government at the local, state, and national level and what their function is.  Our field trip will reinforce our studies in Science on habitats, living things, and their adaptations.

Tests this week

Tuesday-Math-Ch. 2 (Compare, Order, and Round Numbers)

Wednesday-Social Studies-Ch. 8 (Our Government)

Friday-Religion-Ch.8 (Communion of Saints)

Friday-Spelling-22 words (unexpected consonants)

The November book report is being explained this week to the students and the information is being sent home.  Please read carefully and sign and return the cover letter to verify receiving the information and materials.  It is on a fiction book again and the students will be presenting their book talk on Tuesday, Dec. 4th due to the short month.  The December book report is on poetry so it won’t require a lot of reading and preparation.

Lastly, please be sure to sign and return permission slips for the field trip if you have not already done so.  Also, October reading logs need to be signed by a parent and returned.  The November reading logs went home last Thursday and the students are recording the number of minutes read at home.

Enjoy the fall weather!

Sue Arnold