iPads in 8th Grade Social Studies & Religion by Mr. Chris Bengford

lets learn ipad

In US History, we have used the iPads for numerous assignments, and have installed apps that have assisted in teaching the Revolutionary War, Declaration of Independence and recently the Constitution of the United States.  We began the year researching and debating the Affordable Care Act.  The debate was outstanding. Both sides used their iPads to research possible rebuttals as their team mates gave answers.  Dr. Montejano was present as the debate at times got heated, but in the end both teams felt positive. Using our iPads, we created an interactive time line of events during the Revolution.  In the near future, we will explore the Civil War with apps focused on President Lincoln and Civil War facts.

In Religion Class, the students have used their iPads to research saints, read the Readings of the Day, keep track of Portfolio assignments, and create their Vision Board Presentations.  Thus far, I am very happy with the progress we are making using the iPad in Religion and History.

-Chris Bengford