iPads in the Classroom by Mrs. Fran Smiland

ipad imageIn Science, students use their iPads to complete in class work and homework in order to prepare for their tests.  Their packets are scanned and sent to them via email.  They can then open them in an application called Notability where they can either type or write their answers in the document.  Once their packets are complete, they email them to their teacher where they can be reviewed and filed electronically.

 “I enjoy working on my iPad because its faster and it makes my work more enjoyable.” Christine Grimes, Grade 8

In Math, students use their iPads for both in class notes and accelerated math.  The PowerPoint which is used to instruct the class is wiped of all the answers and sent to them via email.  The students then open the PowerPoint in notability and follow along while filling in the examples and practice problems on their iPads.  At the end of the Trimester a selection of notes are sent to the teacher to be assessed.  The students also do their accelerated math on their iPads.  They can do problems and get immediate feedback towards how they are progressing through “objectives” or math concepts.  The teacher can watch their progress from her desktop computer.  Accelerated Math is a web based product.