Third Grade Monthly News

Dear parents,

I can’t believe it has only been a week since your child entered third grade.  They have shared so much with me already, and I look forward to many more shared experiences with them.  I have enjoyed getting to know your student through writings and illustrations about special memories, student questionnaires, and classroom discussions and activities on how special and blessed they are.  They are an energetic and enthusiastic group of learners, and we are learning together how to channel it for optimum learning.

STAR testing is the first week in September and is used to get a benchmark in Reading and Math.  Other assessments for fluency (DIBELS) and readiness are being administered this month to help with setting up curriculum for the year.

Class Masses with 6th grade buddies begin on Thursday, September 13th, and are every Thursday except when we have a School Mass that week.  We have PE on Tuesdays and Fridays beginning Friday, September 7th, due to STAR testing.  Students need to wear PE clothes that meet the dress code stated in the Parent Handbook.  If we have a School Mass on a PE day, they need to wear their SCHOOL uniform to school.  Library begins the week of Sept. 10th and students can start taking Accelerated Reading tests then.  We have Library on Thursday mornings.  Music has already begun and third graders have the opportunity to join choir-please contact Mr. Reed if you have questions about choir.  We have a new Spanish teacher and Spanish/Technology begins the week of Sept. 10th after STAR testing.

Please reacquaint yourself with the Parent handbook posted on the School website.  It has a section on the uniform dress code which needs to be followed.  It also states the Mission, Philosophy, and Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs) which we will focus on throughout the year.  We have already discussed the 5 SLEs (summarized as: Spiritually Active Catholic, Life-long Learner, Effective Communicator, Active Problem Solver, and Well-balanced Individual) and prepared a SLE journal where the students will reflect on them after lessons.  We are focusing on the first SLE this month-I am a Catholic who follows Christ by praying and going to church, learning about my Catholic faith, and making good choices.  Also our virtues of the month-Respect and Courtesy-go very well with achieving this expectation.

Lastly, I look forward to meeting with all of you at our Articulation Night on Tuesday, September 11th, where I will give more details about what you and your student can expect this school year.  I also hope to see many of you around school or at mass.

Sue Arnold