Third Grade Monthly News

Dear parents,

I can’t believe it is already May and like the flowers, third grade is full of new life!  May is a very busy month for all.  Third grade has May Crowning Mass/Retreat, field trips to the aquarium and the tidepools, STAR and DIBELS testing, their last book report, and lots of learning and sharing and fun activities.  Parents are also helping with some 2nd grade special events-breadmaking, Agape luncheon, and First Communion.  Thank you to all who are helping with all these special activities and events.

Thank you to Diana Vega and her helpers who helped to make our retreat after May Crowning so lovely.  Also, please be sure to post any pictures from this lovely celebration of Mary.

Please continue to help your student practice their multiplication facts as we are using them to learn our division facts and to extend our multiplication computations.  Also, the students should be practicing their cursive when possible to get comfortable with it as we are using it more and more in class.  Fourth graders are expected to be very proficient with both of these basic skills, but practice is necessary at home.

We have one more book report this year.  I hope your student enjoys learning abut their ocean life and has fun creating their diorama and learning more about their creature through writing their mini-research report. The ocean habitat is the main theme for our studies this month in Science and Social Studies, as well as the focus of our two field trips.  Also, please help your student with the May reading log which is the reading coupons for all the family members to fill out on all the books read and enjoyed at home this month.

Have a beautiful May!

Sue Arnold