Third Grade Monthly News

Dear parents,

February was fun and full of learning.  It was a short but very busy (and WET) month!  March should be full of more memories and much progress.  Thank you to all for making February a fun and successful month, especially those that helped with Valentine’s Day.  Your help is greatly appreciated in all 3rd grade activities, and we have many opportunities coming up this month and the next months.

The 3rd and final trimester has begun, and the students should be utilizing better listening and study skills.  They should be working hard on practicing their multiplication facts as we finish learning all of them.  They need to KNOW them and recall them QUICKLY.  Thank you for your support in this area which is so important for further progress and confidence in math skills.

Cursive is going along smoothly, and as we wrap up all the lowercase letters, they need to be practicing them at home as well as at school.  They can print their uppercase letters until we learn them.  They use cursive in fourth grade on a regular basis.

This month’s book report is the Literature Tea which is being held on Tuesday, April 2nd.  It is on a Classic (needing approval by me) and the focus is understanding characters.  The students will dress as a character in their selected book and be interviewed by me as that character.  Information is going home as well as requests for help in  making this a memorable learning event.

Please continue to follow the 3rd grade Weekly News for current information and check out Shutterfly for more information and pictures.  Please continue to post any pictures on Shutterfly so all can enjoy.

Many prayers,

Sue Arnold