Websites You Might Be Interested In Exploring!

Between the Lions

This early literacy site, for children ages 4-7, is a tie-in for the award-winning television program. Appealing characters, terrific songs and fun games combine to offer great on-line experiences.

California’s Untold Stories Gold Rush

Presented by Oakland Museum of California, this site offers an interactive learning experience for elementary level children through adults to experience and educate themselves about this important period in American History.

Cool Math

Loads of fun and inter-active math games to keep you busy for hours.

Discovery School’s Puzzlemaker

Puzzlemaker is a fun and easy puzzle generation tool for all ages which allows users to create and print customized word search, crossword and math puzzles using your won word lists.

Harry Potter

Scholastic has created a fun-filled site for Harry Potter fans of all ages. Click on this site and find a trivia game, a pronunciation guide, owl posts and more.

Library of Congress presents America’s Story from America’s Library

The Library of Congress puts the story back in history through images of primary source documents, prints, photographs, maps, recordings and other materials from the past. Along with the fascinating information about people, places and things of interest to kids of all ages, there are songs to listen to, a Krazy Kat cartoon to watch, a scavenger hunt and other fun things to do.


This elegantly designed site devoted to C.S. Lewis’s fantasy classics provides information about the books, the creatures and people of Narnia.


The American Museum of Natural History offers a unique museum experience for kids ages 8-12.  Included are stories, games and interactive activities.

Online Tutors

Tutoring for grades 4-12 in 10 mathematics and 7 science subjects is now online at the subscription-based Unlimited access to live tutorial sessions, self-paced tutorials, and self-testing is available for a monthly fee of $59.99 per student. For a $9.99 monthly fee, the site offers closed online project collaboration study groups for students taking the same class in a school.

Robotics – Sensing . . . Thinking . . . Acting

The Tech Museum of Innovation offers this website for upper elementary/middle school children, providing articles on history, ethics and innovation in the field of robotics.  Videos, interactive games and interviews with people in the field make this site especially effective.

Zillions – Consumer Reports Online for Kids

The Consumers Union publishes Consumer Reports and Zillions Online.  Toy tests, inside scoops, wacky photos, polls, and information on having, saving and earning money are some of the great things found at this website.