Important Scrip Policies You Need to Know


Scrip can be super convenient and has many benefits, but to be an informed and savvy scrip shopper, there are a few situations that can come up that you should be aware of, so please take the time to read the fine print, and look through the policies you agree to when you sign up for ShopWithScrip so there are no surprises when it comes to buying scrip!  Also be sure to read the retailer’s terms and conditions of the scrip card you buy before you proceed to checkout.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you visit our FAQ page at HFS Scrip FAQs  as well as FAQs for answers to many questions and to learn much more about scrip, presto pay, re-loads, return policy and more.

In general, most scrip buyers do not have any issues, but there are a few items that are very important to be aware of, so PLEASE READ BELOW:

1. Remember, you are buying gift cards.  If you buy a pair of pants using Gap scrip and then decide to return the pants, the store is going to give you store credit.  Not cash, and not a credit back to your bank account or credit card. This is what most retailers do when you make a purchase with a gift card and then decide to return the item.  So, if you plan to make a scrip purchase from one retailer for a big purchase (like a computer, furniture, airline tickets etc), make sure its something you for sure want, because if you decide to return the item, you will get a store credit when you return it.

2. Electronic scrip (ScripNow, Re-loads and ReloadNow) orders are FINAL and not returnable or exchangeable.  This is clearly stated in ShopWithScrip’s return policy in their FAQ’s (see link above).  Once you place your order and enter your PrestoPay PIN, you have agreed to buy the scrip in your cart and authorize the scrip company to debit your account for the cost of that order. No exceptions.

3. SECURITY HOLDS may be placed on large or new orders — please be aware that this if for everyone’s security. Cyber crime is real and ShopWithScrip does its best to keep all our accounts secure.  Holy Family does not have control over when and why ShopWithScrip put holds on certain orders.

If you order Electronic scrip (ScripNow, Re-loads and Reload Now) and the scrip does not show up in your scrip wallet within a few minutes (ScripNow and ReloadNow) or overnight (for Reloads), then a hold has been placed on your order and account.  DO NOT try to re-order, or place a smaller order to circumvent the system.  Your order will be again be placed on hold and you may eventually end up with more scrip than you wanted in the first place. If you are not sure if your order was actually placed or not, check your order history in your account or call ShopWithScrip at 1-800-727-4715 for assistance.

When a hold is placed, you should receive an email explaining the hold. We (the HF Scrip coordinators) receive an email as well at  Once that email is retrieved by us, we have the option to “release” or cancel the order.  The length of time it takes for us to respond to an email depends on the day, time of day, etc.  While we monitor the email account daily and frequently, it is not 24/7.  We are just volunteers, so please be mindful of that. Also, sometimes ShopWithScrip will determine the order is OK and release the hold on their own.  If you ever have an immediate issue with Scrip, please call them at 1-800-727-4715 for assistance.

4. When ordering physical scrip cards, if you change your mind or want to cancel your order, it is possible, but not always, to cancel it.  If you email and if that email is retrieved before PrestoPay has taken the funds from your account, it is possible to cancel the order.  Otherwise, once the funds are taken via PrestoPay, there are generally no refunds.  It may be possible, however, to change your order from one vendor to another (i.e. to change your order from Gap scrip to Home Depot scrip), provided the order has not been processed and shipped by the scrip company.  If the order has processed and shipped, the scrip order can not be returned, canceled or refunded without approval from the Scrip company itself and can be a time consuming process that can take up to 30 days.

So please, please, be very careful when you are placing your orders!!!

Remember, if you ever have an immediate issue with your Scrip order, 

please call ShopWithScrip at 1-800-727-4715, option #3 * * * * * *