Other Ways to Earn Scrip Credits

1) Holy Family Bookstore

The Holy Family Bookstore will automatically provide school families with a 5% scrip credit on all purchases (cash or check only).  At the time of purchase, simply let the Bookstore know you are a school family and you would like scrip credit.  The Bookstore will have you sign an extra copy of your sales receipt for their records so the 5% can be credited towards your family’s combined fundraising/scrip commitment.

2) eScrip

You can also earn Scrip credit by shopping at participating local eScrip grocers and drug stores or dine out with eScrip Dining restaurants when you use a registered payment (debit/credit) or registered club/loyalty cards.  You can also shop with your favorite online retailers through eScrip’s Online Mall.  There are over 800 shops to choose from, plus money saving offers. All you need to do is register &/or renew your payment (debit/credit) cards and participating loyalty/club cards online at www.escrip.com. Please note that expired payment cards need to be re-registered in order to continue to earn credit for you and Holy Family School.

* * * There is a limited number of local stores that participate in eScrip, but Bristol Farms in South Pasadena does participates and provides 4% in scrip credit * * *

  1. Call 800-592-0942 or go online to 
  2. www.escrip.com Enter Holy Family’s Group Number # 137821672

3) Ralph’s Rewards

You can also earn Scrip credit by shopping at Ralphs and using your Ralphs Rewards Card. You must register or renew your Ralphs card to participate. In addition, since Ralphs does not release your scrip credit information to us for security reasons, you will need to personally find out your quarterly Scrip credit amount. To determine your Scrip credit amount, simply email Ralph’s at community.programs@ralphs.com. Or, you may log into your Ralph’s account, click on your name to go to My Account and then scroll down to the Community Rewards section.  The most recent quarter’s contribution should show there.  Take a screenshot of the earnings section.  Please forward the screenshot or email response with the earnings amount to scrip@holyfamily.org in order to receive scrip credit.

  1. To Register or Renew Your Ralphs Card
  2. Go online to www.ralphs.com
  3. Sign in/Register (If you already have an online account, sign in; if not, click on Create an Account)
  4. Go to My Account
  5. Go to Community Rewards
  6. Click on Edit Community Contribution
  7. Enter HFS code  # 83964
  8. Click Save Changes