HFS Scrip Frequently Asked Questions

Please click HERE to familiarize yourself with some very important policies and guidelines concerning electronic and physical scrip

1. What are the current Scrip family requirements?

Scrip is part of Holy Family School’s Annual Fundraising program. Families may choose to participate in Scrip in order to meet, or partially meet, their annual Fundraising Commitment. Scrip credits can be earned with online purchases of scrip gift cards at ShopWithScrip.com.

2. What percentages do the merchants give back in scrip credit?

Merchant donation %’s range from 1% to 20% of the amount purchased and average about 8%.  For example, purchasing $1,000 in Macy’s scrip, which has a 10% donation percentage, provides you with $100 in scrip credits towards your annual Fundraising Commitment. Gap/Old Navy provides a 14% credit. PotteryBarn is 8%. Starbucks is 7%. BestBuy is 4%. Go to shopwithscrip.com for a complete list of merchants.

3. Why does Scrip make sense as a fundraising strategy?

Scrip is a relatively easy way to generate revenue our school’s needs. It requires minimal volunteer hours and cost to sustain the program. Since retailers provide the Scrip revenue to the school based on your normal everyday purchases, it is not a financial burden to our families. It’s essentially FREE money!

4. What is Scrip funding used for?

Scrip profits support the school operating budget of the school including: teacher and staff salaries, books and educational materials.

5. How will I know how much Scrip profit I have earned ?

Families can keep track of their purchases (and the profit earned for Holy Family School) by logging onto their ShopWithScrip.com  account. Click on Dashboard and then click on Reports, where you are able to run custom reports.

6. What if I do not want to participate in the program?

Families are not required to participate in Scrip. However, families must still meet their annual fundraising commitment.  See Fundraising for further information.

7. Where do scrip gift cards come from, how do I use them and what is the return policy?

Please see Shop With Scrip Support / Faq for detailed information.

8. What merchants participate in the ShopWithScrip Program?

There are over 770 merchants that participate with our Scrip vendor, ShopWithScrip.com. In addition to national merchants, ShopWithScrip offers scrip from a few local merchants, including some restaurants. The Holy Family Bookstore participates in “paperless” scrip, providing a 5% scrip credit to school families. See note below regarding the Bookstore scrip procedures.

Register with ShopWithScrip

Each family that chooses to participate in Scrip is required to register at ShopWithScrip.com , which allows us to keep track of your scrip purchases. It also allows you to check the purchases you have made and the profits you have earned for the school. Please contact scrip@holyfamily.org for the enrollment instructions

Click HERE for Other ways to earn Scrip credits.

(HFBookstore, Ralphs, scrip etc)