Catholic Schools’ Week, 2017

Dear School Community,

As we move into Catholic Schools’ Week, I want to reach out to you in thanksgiving for the primary role you play in the development and guidance of your children. While Catholic schools have changed and evolved over the years, an important constant of Catholic schooling has always been the recognition of parents as the primary educator. Because of this, the unique collaboration of parent and school continues to be one of the abiding principals that make a Catholic Education unique in the field of education.

As for Holy Family School, we continue to thrive and grow in a time when many Catholic schools struggle to keep their doors open. These struggles are not for a lack of interest, but are primarily due to financial and other related issues that make it difficult in some communities.

We are fortunate that you continue to make the sacrifice you do to give your children this very special opportunity. Our teachers and staff, too, make sacrifices to be here, both financially and in terms of time given to the school; their hours often extend well beyond the school day but they do it because they believe in the mission.

In celebration of who we are we have planned several activities this week that go beyond our Open House and Book Fair. Basically, we are planning activities that help our students reflect on why their Catholic education is special. For instance, students will write essays and create posters highlighting the value of a Catholic education. Additionally, they will participate in community building activities sponsored by the student council.

My prayer for you and our entire school community is that we will continue to grow in faith and love as we face the challenges before us. And so as we move forward, happy Catholic Schools’ Week!

Sincerely in Christ,
Frank Montejano