Principal’s Message, November 2015

Dear School Community,

We are thankful that phase I of our playground project is complete, and that our new surface is being enjoyed by all of our students!
It is now time for us to look to the next phases of the project, which will include added play structure elements as well as the addition of shading. For this next phase, we will have to raise the funds to cover our costs.
In order to assist us with various aspects of our planning, we will be working with a committee of school staff and parents. We will be reaching out to those who indicated on last year’s playground survey that they would be interested in serving; if there are others, including our new kindergarten parents, please let me know via email.
A timeline is dependent on our ability to raise the necessary funds, but our target is to have the next phase worked on and completed over the summer. Working designs for the next phase are in process and we will have something to share with the school community in the near future; once they are ready, and our committee is in place, we will have more to share about next steps.
Frank Montejano, Ed.D.