Emergency Procedures

Procedures on Campus in an Emergency 2016-2017 School Year


In the event of an earthquake, fire, (or other emergency) during school hours, the following procedures are in effect:

  • As soon as the situation is deemed safe, the children and staff will proceed from the buildings, as they have practiced. The BLACK ASPHALT PARKING LOT has been designated as our assembly area for emergencies. The parish staff will help the school staff in assisting the children, securing the campus, and maintaining an orderly and safe environment.
  • The gates to the campus will be closed, so that an orderly release of students to parent (or designated adult) can take place. The Gathering Area between the Church and Connolly Hall will be used as the Request/Reunion/Release Station. Please follow the directions of the adults in charge of this station. Please DO NOT DRIVE INTO THE PARKING AREA BEHIND THE CHURCH OR NEXT TO THE PASTORAL CENTER. Those areas are reserved for emergency vehicles only. The children will only be released to the parent or designated adult listed in the Emergency Information which was filled out on-line at registration.
  • Children who cannot be picked up will remain at the school with staff members until necessary arrangements can be made for their release.
  • The Disaster Preparedness Committee has provided the school with emergency medical supplies, food and water supplies, blankets, sanitation equipment and other needed materials.
  • Please write a separate note to each of your children and attach a family photo. Send these with your child to his/her teacher. The letters and family photos will be given to your child to comfort them once we are assembled outside. We will NOT be using “comfort bags.”
  • Please do not phone the school if an area-wide emergency occurs. This would tie up the lines unnecessarily, and prevent staff from doing their assigned jobs.