School Renovations Plan

Dear Holy Family School Community,

When I first arrived at Holy Family over a year and a half ago, many parents took the opportunity to point out to me the deteriorating playground turf, and the state of the play area in general. I heard the stories—and saw with my own eyes—the black cushioning material that left stains on the students’ uniforms. Around the same time I sent a survey asking you to share your dreams for the school; about one-third of the responses mentioned the need for a new play area. We had the existing turf cleaned this past summer, but that was always viewed as a short-term solution until we could begin with a playground improvement project to meet our needs for years to come.

The time for moving forward with a newly renovated school and play area is now.

The following link includes a video from a presentation at the December Principal Coffee about ideas for a renovated playground. The video can be viewed here: As you view the video, keep in mind that the ideas discussed are conceptual in nature, and in no way represent a finished product. We ask that you complete the following survey that specifically addresses this project. Please take the time to complete it, as your input is important to the process: Renovation Survey

In the weeks and months ahead, we will begin to share the details of a school improvement project that includes not only the playground, but also improvements to the classrooms. It will include an evening presentation for parents so that all can see exactly where our collective efforts are headed. I wish to stress that these projects will not impact tuition costs, and will be funded through parish support, grants, and community fundraising efforts.

With respect to the proposed classroom renovation, our goal is to create spaces that both honor our religious mission and maximize student learning. Potential classroom improvements include new flooring, better storage capacity, new desks, and the flexibility to quickly and easily group students into various configurations for cooperative learning. Supported by research, we aim to move our school to a level that increases student engagement, and also helps teachers to better differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all learners.

I want to emphasize that our space renovation effort fits into a larger plan to meet the ever-growing needs of a vibrant parish and school community. With our new strategic plan (soon to be shared with the school community), we have outlined a strong and clear vision for the future.  Included in that vision is a safe and secure school space. To that end we recently met with representatives from Cobalt Consulting and Investigations, the safety and security firm hired to assist the parish and school. Their expertise will be instrumental as we move forward with plans to secure the perimeter, and provide training to staff, students and parents.

Simply, Holy Family is positioned to reach new heights in a relatively short period of time. I am grateful for the support from the school community thus far, and look forward to making our dreams a reality.


Frank Montejano, Ed.D.