Grade 3

Class Activities:

Have you heard? May is Bilingual Literacy Month!
Check out this website to see how you and your child can participate by reading Spanish books on-line together!    “Read Conmigo”Join the 31 day bilingual book reading challenge1. Reading and writing with the Descubre practice book, Level B
2. “La Araña” -sts are being recorded using “Shadow Puppets” app on iPad
3. Movie: “La Araña Verde” has a lot of fun vocabulary, phrases, and activities
4. Imaginary trip to Nicaragua

Songs & Books:

De Colores“, Joan Baez and a version by  Nana Mouskiouri

“Hoy es domingo”, Dr. Jean CD
“A mi me gusta viajar”
Demos Gracias al Señor”
” Mimi y Memo “, Sanitllana World Language Program beginning reader
La Cancion de los Esqueletos

What We “CAN-DO”:

I can…understand greetings, when people express thanks and introduce themselves, when someone asks for a name, days of the week, the hour, recognize dates and weather expressions, recognize the difference between a question and a statement,

I can…say hello and goodbye to someone my age or younger and to an adult, introduce my self and provide basic personal information, respond to yes or no, either/or questions, express a positive and negative reaction, ask someone’s name, give times, dates, and weather information;

I can…count from 0 to 20, say the date and the day of the week, state my name, age and where I live, give my phone number, home address; sing a short song;

I can…,recognize some letters or characters, understand some learned or memorized words and phrases when I read, understand familiar words, phrases and sentences within short and simple texts; sometimes understand the main idea of what I have read; identify cognates from a short story;

I can…write the date and day of the week, introduce myself,copy simple phrases, write numbers such as my phone number;