Grade 2

Class Activities:

1. Practice reading/writing book from Descubre by Santillana, Level A
2. Imaginary trip to PERU
3. Passports will be coming home soon with other completed tasks for your review. Please sign and return the “pasaporte” for our next country study
4. Students are describing their family and pets in an audio recording!

Songs & Books:

6. “Las partes del cuerpo”, Rockalingua
5. “Los Colores” con Basho and Friends
4. “Orale alfabeto
3. “A mi, me gusta viajar”, Rockalingua
2. La Cancion de los Esqueletos
1.”Hola Amigo”, Ole Ole

What We “CAN-DO” in November:

I can…understand greetings, courtesy phrases, color words, some numbers, when someone asks for a name; recognize when I hear a date and common weather expressions;

I can…say hello and goodbye, tell someone my name, respond to yes/no, either/or questions;

I can…count from 0 to 30, sing a short song;

I can…match words to a supporting visual; recognize words, phrases with the help of visuals;

I can…copy some familiar words or phrases, a simple phrase like “Happy birthday”; write my name and numbers;