Grade 4

Class Activities and Assignments:

1. Completed study of “possessive adjectives” – Practice handout due
2. Complete work book pages 33- 38  and  39-46 – Most of this was done in class
3. Final session is June 3.  I will collect journals, folders and practice books on Thursday June 4.
4. Journals and folders will be returned with grades on Monday, June 8th.


This week we are talking about 5 de mayo and our dear mothers. Students need to memorize the following poem. They copied it in their journal.


Unit 2 Vocabulary topics:   Text: Descubre B  Unit 2 Test on 4/23
La Casa
El Mercado
(Market) – “Menu” project
La Ropa
(Clothes)   3/25 –Practice book page 25-27
La Comunidad
(Community) 4/13 – Practice book page 28-32

ASSIGNMENTS Due 3/24 -3/25
1. Cut clothing items from packet and place in “suitcase” provided.
2. Bring a one page 8×11 picture of your favorite outfit
3. Menu project
4. Complete pages 25-26-27 in Practice Book “Cuaderno de Practica”

QUIZ    3/26  Ave Maria-Hail Mary in Spanish

Practice sentences:
1. Voy a la tienda de ropa. 
I go to the clothing store.
2. Yo compro mi ropa en la tienda. 
I buy my clothes in the store.
3. Mi color favorito es amarillo.
My favorite color is yellow.
4. Me gustan los pantalones. 
I like the pants.
5. No me gusta la camisa negra.  ¡Es horrible!
I don’t like the black shirt. It is horrible!
6. Los tenis rojos son mis favoritos.
The red tenis shoes are my favorites.
7. Los calcetines azules son bonitos.
The blue socks are pretty.
8. ¿Te gustan las blusas verdes?
Do you like the green blouses?
9. No, no me gustan.  ¿Son horribles!
No, I don’t like them. They are horrible!
10. La falda blanca de la chica es muy fea.
The girl’s white skirt is ugly.

Websites for practice:
1. – blue links are free- select themes listed above

Here are more specific directions for signing into QUIZLET and logging into our class:
1. Click link 
2. Opens to CUARTO 2019, Holy Family School, South Pasadena, CA
3. Click SIGN UP link to create a Quizlet account.  You must use an email address, enter birth date (can be any) and use at least your FIRST NAME or LAST NAME  for username.
4. Click SIGN UP  then LOG IN
5. With new user name and password
6. JOIN A CLASS is on top right of screen.  To find our class search: “CUARTO 2019”
7. Request to join.
8. I will receive an email with a request to join and of course, I will accept! I hope this helps.

Songs and Books:

5. “De Colores“, Joan Baez and a version by  Nana Mouskiouri
4. Ole CD “#10 “Hoy es domingo”
3. La Guadalupana
2.Demos Gracias al Señor
1. La Cancion de los Esqueletos

What I “CAN-DO”:

I can…
recognize some familiar and memorized words and phrases when I hear them spoken;
2. often understand words, phrases, and simple sentences related to everyday life. I can recognize pieces of information and sometimes understand the main topic of what is being said;
3. understand the main idea in short, simple messages and presentations on familiar topics; understand the main idea of simple conversations that I overhear.
4. understand the main idea in messages an presentations on a variety of topics related to everyday life and personal interest and studies.

(Unit 1) understand greetings, when people introduce themselves, days of the week, the hour, the weather, questions or statements about family and friends;
(Unit 2)  begin to identify rooms in a house, shop for foods in a market and clothing of specific color; talk about community places; identify community places;

I can…

(Unit 1) say hello and goodbye to someone my age or younger and to an adult, introduce my self and provide basic personal information, introduce someone else, express a positive and negative reaction, say my name and ask someone’s name, say or write something about my family and friends, give times, dates, and weather information, ask and talk about family and friends characteristics;

(Unit 2) talk about rooms in a house, shop for foods in a market and ask for clothing of specific color; talk about community places;

I can…say the date and the day of the week, state my name, age and where I live, give my phone number, home address and email, say what I look like, what I am like, what someone else looks like and is like, describe my family and friends,describe physical appearance and personality of a friend or family member;

I can…identify family member words on a family tree, identify cognates from a short story;

I can…write the date and day of the week, introduce myself, describe my family and friends, write about a topic from a lesson using pictures, describe the physical and personality of a friend or family member, write about a holiday;